Saturday, June 28, 2014

Scoot McNairy joins "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice"

"Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" keeps adding more actors and characters. Every single time I bring up a new character being added to the film's roster, I always jokingly say "they might as well call the movie 'Justice League' by now." I think its funny that DC is planning a Justice League film for the future when just about everybody on the team is being introduced in "Dawn of Justice." But, I am sure DC has a good plan on how to introduce everybody, so I am eagerly waiting to how it all plays out.

Scoot McNairy is the latest actor to sign onto the anticipated superhero showdown. Of course, we have absolutely no idea who he is playing. Which is sending the film community and speculators into overdrive. Some are saying he's Barry Allen/The Flash, others are saying he's playing Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern and others are throwing The Joker around again. The possibilities are endless though, he could not be playing any hero or villain, he could be right-hand to Lex Luthor or a Daily Planet employee or somebody tied to Gotham. We just don't know who he is and that is exciting.

No matter who McNairy is playing, his participation just made the film even more exciting. McNairy has been in a number of outstanding movies, and no matter how small or big his involvement has been, he's certainly made a mark. I've enjoyed him in "Argo," "12 Years A Slave," and "Monsters." Even though I was not the biggest admirer of "Non-Stop" or "Killing Them Softly" I did like McNairy in both films. I also love that McNairy appeared in "All Hail The King," the Marvel One-Shot that came out on the "Thor: The Dark World" blu-ray. The guy has done a lot great dramatic movies and he's certainly already dabbled in superhero franchises. I think McNairy is an exciting new talent and it'll definitely be cool to see who he ends up as.

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