Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My thoughts on the potential DCU schedule

I have been dragging my feet about something in particular. Last week, a big rumor pertaining to The WB’s schedule for DC Universe movies was leaked last week. Although the rumors are saying this schedule is the real deal, we won’t know anything definitive until after Comic-Con International this July. But for right now, we have a potential schedule for the DC’s future. It seems for the first time now; DC is getting serious about playing hardball with Marvel. I have stated a thousand times that I personally prefer Marvel over DC, I still really dig DC. Batman is my very favorite superhero and I am just a plain fan of comics in general. I want all of these movies to do well, whether they are Marvel characters, DC characters, Dark Horse characters, Image characters are some crazy mofo’s that Frank Miller made up. I want all of these movies to succeed. If “Dawn of Justice” does end up squaring off against “Captain America 3” the audiences will be the winners. I’m not into the whole DC vs. Marvel ordeal. I will happy see one movie Friday night and the other Saturday night, the real frustration will be which one to see first.

Some of you may think that DC is behind and rushing to compete with Marvel. Well, maybe part of that is true. I don’t want DC to do the exact same thing that Marvel is doing, what makes DC great is how differently it handles its characters and stories, and I hope that shows in their movies. I don’t want “Justice League” to be a “Avengers” clone simply because the latter made over a billion dollars. I want DC to show how different DC can be compared to Marvel, because that will be one of the keys for these films making money. With that said, the schedule that has been leaked is mighty ambitious and it almost feels nearly impossible to pull off completely.

This is what its looking like so far:

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (May 2016)
Shazam (July 2016)
Sandman (Christmas 2016)
Justice League (May 2017)
Wonder Woman (July 2017)
Flash/ Green Lantern team-up (Christmas 2017)
Man of Steel 2 (May 2018)

So like I say, this is an ambitious schedule, crazier than anything Marvel has ever attempted. The good things about this schedule are as follows. I love the idea of three DC films a year, and if there are good stories to be told, I hope they do them well. I love the idea of a “Sandman” movie is finally coming, because a film adaptation of that has been in the works for lifetimes and lifetimes. A piece of me really hopes that “Sandman” is linked to the bigger DC Universe. There is a lot of possibility in the schedule and that makes me happy.

What worries me is just how tight it is, it seems that no member of the crew or cast is going to have much breathing room. Zak Snyder has been hard at work on “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and the early photos have been with positive acclaim. But if another big DCU movie is coming out two months after “Dawn of Justice” then why haven’t we heard anything yet? If DC wants to get these movies right, they have to get started on them now. The way “Dawn of Justice” is being structured so far, it looks like an introduction to the DC Universe. We will not only meet Batman and Superman, but Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman. That is a lot of introduction, and the next movie is going to have to help the threads that “Dawn of Justice” assembles. If “Shazam” isn’t connected to the DC Universe or if this isn’t the real schedule, then no harm done, but if it is the real schedule, DC better get moving. Because they working on a tight schedule.

I mean how do you explain Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman in “Justice League” then having a solo movie two months later? When will she have time to work on both of those films? Who will write and direct those films? There are pieces of the schedule that look like overkill, and if they do not handle it correctly, then this whole, ambitious project that is underway will crumble and fall.

I am still thinking this is not quite the schedule, but we will find out very soon. 

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