Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Harrison Ford sidelined for Star Wars VII?

The production on “Star Wars: Episode VII” is well underway, and some shooting has been done already. The studio has finally landed a script they really like and they have begun shooting. There are a lot of veteran actors from this saga showing up in this seventh entry in the series. One of those veterans happens to be Harrison Ford, and he is reprising his role as Han Solo. Ford maybe 72 years old, but he has proved that he can still kick butt and take names. So it saddens me to learn that Ford has broken his leg on the set of Episode VII

It is disheartening to write that Harrison Ford has been injured on the set of Episode VII, apparently very close to the Millennium Falcon. Ford is a tough guy and I wish him a speedy recovery, but this will affect production on the sequel. An emergency meeting was called once it was learned that Ford injury could take him as long as six months to heal. They will be able to shoot all of the material which does not involve Han Solo, but from what I have learned Han Solo is the main character in the upcoming movie, his participation is vital. If shooting is pushed back as far as six months, it will be hard to keep up with the Christmas 2015 release date Disney has been holding so dear to its heart.

If the movie does get delayed, it is not the end of the world. If Episode VII did get delayed to say, 2016…would that really be a terrible thing? Would Disney push their entire Star Wars schedule back? I don’t see the reasoning behind that. Would it be so terrible to see two Star Wars movies in one year? It looks like both Marvel and DC are both really pushing their world-building universes, and that usually means several films a year. Star Wars could do that for just one year and nothing would be made of it. No matter what, I hope Ford has a speedy recovery and that this doesn’t hurt production too much.


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