Monday, June 9, 2014

George Clooney and Josh Brolin re-collaborate with the Coens...

Well, this is just great!

I have written at a large length about why I love the Coen Bros. My most recent ranting about their greatness came over the winter when I reviewed "Inside Llewyn Davis" as apart of my 2013 Awards Circuit column, something I did leading up to the Academy Awards this year. I love these guys, these are some of the best American filmmakers we could have ever found. They are both men of many talents. In 2000, they made a gracious, musical comedy entitled "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" with George Clooney. This isn't a film that leaps to mind for everyone when discussing best Coen films, but its a movie I simply can't get enough of. Then in 2007, they made the gritty, serious "No Country For Old Men" featuring Josh Brolin. It is another movie by the brothers that I just can't get enough of and I love every minute of it.

The next film by the legendary brothers is being planned, and they plan to bring both Brolin AND Clooney into the adventure. It is called "Hail Ceasar" and it will be about "a fixer in Hollywood circa 1950's who works for the studios to protect the stars of the day." I love the concept and with Brolin and Clooney onboard, that is more than enough to be excited about.

I don't know much else about the film, but right now, I am wildly excited. I hope you are too. Definitely more on this story as it progresses.


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