Monday, June 23, 2014

Ben Affleck gets solo Batman film?

It has been known for awhile now that Ben Affleck is Batman in several of the DC Comics movie universe that Warner Brothers is making. No matter if the schedule which was released last week is correct or not, you can be sure that Affleck will be Batman in both “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League.” When it was announced that Affleck would play the character, the world suddenly went mad. People get so touchy with these big, iconic characters. They have very specific thoughts about who should play these characters onscreen and who should not. When those expectations are not met, they let out the fury of a thousand suns. I myself am even guilty of that sort of thinking. When thinking about the possibilities for the next Batman, Ben Affleck did not even come to mind. When he was finally cast, I was shocked, a bit puzzled, then curiosity slowly set in. What did Zak Snyder see in Affleck that seemingly nobody else in the world did? We shall find out in 2016.

Now it should be known that Ben Affleck might be getting his solo film sometime in 2019. As of right now, the working title for the movie is “The Batman.” That is about all we know about it. We have no idea about story or plot. We have no idea who will be directing or writing or producing. Heck, this all could be misinformation and there may not be an Affleck Batman movie. This is just a faint whisper right now. If they do go ahead and make this movie, I find it intriguing that we will see Batman in at least two films prior to his own solo film. I kind of like establishing him somewhat in the world of this universe for setting him loose in Gotham city. It also makes the casting of Affleck that much more interesting.

If I was working at Warner Brothers right now, and I was in charge of a Batman movie, here is what I would do. Not only would I have Ben Affleck play the high-profile character, but I’d have him sit in the director’s chair too. One of the things I like about the Marvel films right now is the way they hire different directors for different movies within their universe and I think Warner Brothers could definitely benefit from that as well, Zak Snyder won’t have the energy to direct everything, and I would not expect him to. Affleck has proven he is an undisputable artist behind the camera, and that he is more than comfortable to direct himself. If we have him playing the character, why not direct the movie as well? Once I had Affleck locked in for director and star, I would hire Paul Dini, a veteran Batman writer who wrote the scripts for the first two video games in the “Batman: Arkham” series, and Bruce Timm, who is responsible for polishing the DC animated universe. Both Dini and Timm have a solid grip on the knowledge and understanding of these DC characters, specifically Batman (an even much better understanding that even Christopher Nolan had.). I especially like how they blend the grittiness of Batman’s world with a bit of reality and a hint of mysticism. As much as I liked Christopher Nolan’s take on the character, and as much as I disliked “Iron Man 3,” I am kind of over the “superheroes grounded in reality” business and “Man of Steel” proved that it isn’t fully playing by those rules. Most of all, I hope Warner Brothers just let’s its imagination run wild with the possibilities it has now.

But those are just my thoughts. I hope Warner Brothers has something much cooler in mind. I am hopeful more than ever for a new Batman movie, and if “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” happens to rock my socks, that hope will skyrocket even more. Like always, I want all of these movies to succeed, and that is what I hope happens.


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