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Who Played It Best? Spiderman

Who Played It Best? Spiderman
"Who Played It Best?" will be a weekly poll on my blog. Each Wednesday, I will collect a group of actors known for playing the same character in the movies. You will have the entire week to vote for who you felt played the character the best. I will announce the winner next Wednesday.

I don't think I need to tell you guys how much I love Spiderman. I don't need to tell you guys that he is one of my very favorite superheroes. I have written a lot about the character already on this blog as well as his history on the silver screen. It has been a wild ride down the road of cinema for Spiderman. I know I have said it in the past, but I still prefer Sam Raimi's movies to Marc Webb's remakes. At the very least, I prefer Raimi's first two Spiderman movies to Webb's remakes. Yes, I am not a huge fan of "Spiderman 3" but I can't help but still feel that Raimi got ripped off by his studio. There was a plan to make a fourth film, where Raimi would have got all his control back. It had actors like John Malkovich and Anne Hathaway set up for villains, and I really would have loved to see that movie. But Sony needed to get a movie made right away in order for Sony to keep Spiderman at their studio. So Marc Webb's movies were born.

I am still quite on the fence about Webb's new franchise. I will give him this though, he has really done a good job with Andrew Garfield. In turn, Garfield has done a good job with the Spiderman character. How Garfield plays Spiderman onscreen is exactly how I remember reading Spiderman in the comics. In fact, that is still how Spiderman is written over at Marvel, the same way that Garfield plays him. But at the same time, I do not want to lessen McGuire's time withe character, because he did really well too. This all leads me to ask this question, who is the best Spiderman? Who played the character the best?

My Two Cents
Well, this is a tough one for me. As far as Andrew Garfield and Tobey McGuire are concerned, they both play the character incredibly well. This is not a case like with Batman, where an actor portrayed the alter ego better than the hero or vice versa. I truly think both Garfield and McGuire did well with the character. These are two different franchises, but I still feel that both actors really let loose with themselves, and created everlasting versions of the character. They are both interpretations worth checking out, worth your time and attention. When you've got two actors, creating something genuine but also their own, its hard to decide which actor does the better job. No matter what you think of the films themselves.

With all of that said though, I think its Garfield who gets the closest to actually becoming Spiderman onscreen. When I see Garfield as Peter Parker and when I see how he portrays the famous web-slinger, all I can think is this: that's Spiderman. While McGuire did great work, his Spiderman didn't feel generated from the original comics, it felt like something of his own. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I like the fact that Garfield really tries to create a Spiderman who feels like he was magically transported from comic to screen. For that reason alone, I am giving the edge to Garfield.

Which version of Spiderman is better?  Let me know by next Wednesday. You can start voting today. You can email me ( or just simply leave a name in my comments section below.

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