Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Star Wars Episode VII working title

So I suppose we will be getting loads and loads of Star Wars news in the coming weeks. I can't say I can complain.

Last week, we got a glimpse of the main cast members last week. It was filled with classic actors from the past as well as some surprising yet, awesome new talent. I can say that looking at the cast, we are going to get some great performances. If J.J. is good at anything, its smart writing and fleshing out good performances. I know George Lucas is the heart and soul of the franchise and it would not exist without him, but he created cardboard characters, with his writing and directing. That was much more evident in the prequels than in the original trilogy, but still it is still quite evident. I will always love Lucas, no matter what, but every movie has its flaws. No matter how small those flaws are.

Today, we got our first working title for the movie. Apparently, the seventh episode of Star Wars will be "Star Wars: The Ancient Fear." That still does not give us a whole lot of what the movie is about, but it will be fun to debate for several months on end. We do know that the title refers to the villain, who is confirmed to be played by none other than Max Von Sydow. Apparently, the villain he plays makes "Pazuzu look like a pussy!" But that is just what my source thinks, I can't imagine Star Wars getting that dark...

I love the title what do you all think?


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