Thursday, May 1, 2014

RIP Bob Hoskins

RIP Bob Hoskins
England has given birth to several talents in cinema over the years. One of those talents was Bob Hoskins. Hoskins was a man of many gifts. If you were to look through his filmography, you'd find a wide array of roles, no two alike. Hoskins was serious, Hoskins was lighthearted, Hoskins had thick skin and not. He was a leading man and he was a supporting man, jobs he could do well in equal measure. No matter who he was playing, he was able to captivate his audience. He may not have been the most well actor to come from the United Kingdom, but he was definitely one of the best.

I can't discuss Hoskins without mentioning "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" That was easily the best Hoskins movie I ever had the pleasure to see. Even today, after all the great animation effects and all the great special effects we have at our disposal, there is still nothing quite like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." With all the cartoon characters in the film, we needed a human who could gel with them. We needed a human we could relate to, who could be our guide through the story being told. Someone who could be humorous and help the audience go with some of the absurdities of the movie. Bob Hoskins was the man for the job and he did excellent work. He was a near-perfect lead for the movie being made. It is also equally excellent that Hoskins put his unique signature on so many other characters.

Bob Hoskins will truly be missed.

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