Monday, May 5, 2014

Cast This

Cast This
Here are some casting rumors floating about

Joaquin Phoenix to be a the next Woody Allen film?
It has been a treat to see that a 78-year-old Woody Allen is still writing and directing movies. Say what you will about his personal life and you can believe whatever you want to believe about it. I care if what is being said about him is true or not, the thing I care about is that he makes great movies. For a guy well into his 70's still able to crank out a new movie a year is actually kind of remarkable. What has also been a treat for me is watching Joaquin Phoenix get himself back into the limelight. I always felt that he was one of the best actors of his generation. I feel his talent was painfully missed when he went on a seemingly endless hiatus, just to lead to some self-parody that was a complete waste of time. But in the case of both Allen and Phoenix, everybody makes mistakes, and how we bounce back from them is what truly makes these showbiz people true artists.

What I never thought I'd see is somebody like Joaquin Phoenix taking the lead in the next Woody Allen film, but it is happening. The film is called "Magic In the Moonlight" and Allen has already stacked up a nice-looking cast for it. It is a cast that includes Colin Firth, Emma Stone, Jackie Weaver, and Marcia Gay Harden. The film will be set in the 1920's on the French Riviera, and that's about all we know about the film. I like the idea of Phoenix being the lead in this, its a left-field decision I'd never expect Allen to make, but it is kind of perfect. Imagining Phoenix deliver dry-humored, neurotic rambles seems like reason enough to pay to see this movie. I also have to say that I am loving the fact that Phoenix is really challenging himself sense he's been back to acting.

"Magic In The Moonlight" is set to release on July 25th 2014.

Dr. Who joins "Terminator: Genesis"
British actor Matt Smith has joined "Terminator: Genesis." There is absolutely no information on the role he has been given. All we do know as of now is that it is a major role, and it will be significant as the franchise moves into its second and third film.

I have not watched "Doctor Who" yet but it is definitely on my list of things to watch. But my question is, will "Terminator: Genesis" be worth turning into a brand. The studios have not given us a worthy Terminator movie in years. The first two films are classics, no doubt about it. The rest of the films made have never scratched the surface of the first two films. I cannot say I truly desire another new Terminator franchise, because I feel I get angrier and angrier with each new film. But alas, no matter what I say, this thing is happening. I wish them well with it. They have lined up an impressive cast so far, let's hope they can redeem this thing.


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