Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ben Affleck as Batman!

Yesterday, we got a small glimpse of the Batmobile being used in the upcoming "Batman vs. Superman" movie. It was very small, not much of anything at all, but it was something! I am glad we got what we got. 

I've been as curious as you all have about Ben Affleck for Batman. I have had my reservations, I have had my doubts, but apart of me believes. I am a huge Batman fanatic, it is safe to say I follow blindly. That has led me to be burned, a la "Batman and Robin." Most of the time, I have been thrilled. I am really pulling for Affleck, I hope he can force all the naysayers to eat their words. 

Based on the picture alone, my excitement for him as almost doubled. I really want him to force the naysayers to eat their words now. That picture looks great. Finally, for the first time in cinema, it looks like Batman can actually move in his suit. Its a great first picture of Batman for this movie, and now I am loaded with excitement. I can't wait to see a first trailer for this!


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