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Movie Question: What Movie Turned You Into A Movie Buff?

Movie Question- #1

What Movie Turned You Into A Movie Buff?
I've got a goal I want to achieve this year with my blog: I want to get my readers involved as much as possible.

Starting tonight, I will asking my audience movie questions. I am going to try to find as many fun, thought-provoking questions related to film as possible and see how much feedback I get. I am not going to say that this will be a daily or weekly occurrence, but one that will happen as often as possible. I am trying to brainstorm as many questions as possible for you guys and I am going to make them as fun as possible.

I think my first question is a good way to start this irregular column off. For movie fans, movie fandom started at different times. There is not one movie that really marked a particular time for everyone across the world. Maybe movie sparked that fandom in a group of people during a particular era, and maybe a movie has possessed iconic power ever since, but movies affected us at different times for different reasons. It really depends on the individual, what their tastes are and at what point in life that sweet spot inside us all gets hit. Not every movie fan is the same and our tastes definitely change with time. I can assure you that my top ten favorite films list is much different today than it was 5 years ago, but there is always one movie that triggers that love for everything cinema.

For me, it definitely started young. Before the summer of 1996, I went to the movie theater frequently with my family and we watched a lot of movies as family. I think at time though, I enjoyed the sensation of visiting the movie theater instead of the art itself. At around seven years old, I definitely didn't think of movies as art. It was just something fun I would do every once in awhile with my family. I certainly had my favorites by then and I don't think it was really a passtime for me, but I would not say I was a full-fledged movie lover at this point. That all stopped in the summer of 1996, when I saw something that completely rewired me as a person. Its not what you think it is; its not a movie that struck the attention of Oscar voters, it wasn't something the critics had a lot of love for. That doesn't matter to me though, it never has. The film that turned me into a movie buff was "Independence Day."

As a young boy, I looked to the stars and wondered just how big the universe really was. This may sound silly, but I believe that there is life on other planets. To me, there has to be, how can there not be? The universe is merely limitless, and its hard to imagine that we are the only planet in the universe with life, out of all the star systems, out of all the planets. Whether or not that life is intelligent enough to travel across space and find us remains to be seen. In the movies, the life on other planets always found us. Every time they were not so friendly. As much as I liked aliens on film, it was "Independence Day" that really made me sit down and pay attention. I thought the aliens in "Independence Day" were the most interesting that I had seen. I loved their massive flying saucers. I loved how facing them in combat was not as easy as the humans had hoped. I also got a huge kick out of the their psychic powers, even though I couldn't watch that particular scene for many years. 

More than anything else, I left the theater that summer chemically recharged in a way I had never felt before. I learned that movies were a the reason to sit in the theater, not the spectacle of the theater itself. I learned that movies had more power than I could have ever imagined. After that point, movies were more than just a great pass time. I learned that movies could make me think, how they could begin to show me what I thought was real and true in the world. Movies began to open me up to many thoughts and emotions I never, ever felt before, and I can thank "Independence Day" for that.

So what was that movie for you? What movie opened you're mind and soul to the world we visit when we sit in the dark? What was the movie that woke you up? And how did that movie possess the power to do that to you? I am very curious to see what films turned people into the buffs they are today. Perhaps you are not the movie buff like me, and in that case, what movie made you start paying more attention to the world of film. When I get together with old friends, we speak as if we have our own language, especially when it comes to talking movies. Was there a movie that really got you thinking about the world of film in general? What was that film and why? If you'd be willing, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

This will not be the last question I ask,  I hope you like this little exercise.

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