Monday, April 28, 2014

Kevin Smith's Christmas-Themed Horror Film

Sometimes, Kevin Smith reminds me of Quentin Tarantino.

Back in 2011, Smith announced during the Sundance premier of his first horror film "Red State," that he'd be retiring from directing soon. He stated that he'd make one more comedy about hockey, then he'd be done. Then soon after, he announced that his hockey comedy would be split into two films. 

Well, then that ended up not happening.

It seems in recent years that Smith has decided he likes the "horror genre" and is going to stick with it. He's got a walrus-themed horror film he's been working on for awhile now, entiteld "Tusk." The film will reunite "Red State" collaborators Michael Parks and Kevin Smith. It will also star Justin Long, Genesis Rodriguez and Haley Joel Osment, quite the cast as you can see. "Tusk" is set to be released sometime this fall (definitely an October release.), around the time "Tusk" gets released, Smith will go to work on yet another horror film. 

Smith sounding like Tarantino yet? Or is it just me?

After "Tusk," Smith will be making "Anti-Clause" a horror movie about a child-eating monster, which will be set during Christmas time. It has also been confirmed that Smith will bring back Parks, Rodriguez, Long and Osment for "Anti-Clause." That does not surprise me at all. Smith, like many directors, tends to rehire actors he works with in the past, so this will be no different with his chain of "horror films." Apparently, "Anti-Clause" will follow an anthology format, and Smith may not be the only director working on "Anti-Clause." But there is nothing to confirm that as of now. With all of this "horror" on the way, Smith still seems to want to make "Clerks III," but that will not be for awhile now. In fact, I have absolutely no idea if it will get made at all. We will have to wait and see.

I liked Kevin Smith in his early days, but his career has been...well...interesting these days. I liked some things about "Red State," but I didn't really buy into all of it. Its definitely not a movie I'd try to own. One thing that bothered me about it was that it really wasn't a horror movie. Smith can call it a horror movie all he wants, but its not. There is some intense situations in it, but nothing that alludes horror. I don't know if Smith is turning a new lead, distancing himself from comedy to try something new. But his last few comedies were not up to par with the rest of his filmography. I am somewhat intriuged by "Tusk" and I am geniunely curious to see what walrus-horror is, I only hope that this is indeed a horror movie this time. No matter what, I will always have respect for Smith, no matter how muddy his career gets. Let's hope these next two horror films really do something.


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