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Hateship Loveship Review

Hateship Loveship Review

I always find it bracing when comedic actors go out of their comfort zone. It can add another angel to their career's, as well as proving that they have range. Sometimes that dip into other genres works (Will Ferrell) and other time's, it does not (Jim Carrey). I think if any actor or actress could crossover into other genre's, its Kristen Wiig. The wonderful "Bridesmaids" could be argued as a dramedy, and she's always walked the fine line between dramatic and witty. Throw Wiig with Guy Pierce, Nick Nolte, and Hailee Steinfeld, and you've got the potential for a great movie.

Sadly, that potential doesn't add up to anything. "Hateship Loveship," is possibly one of the most boring endeavors I have ever sat through. I don't mean just movies, I mean endeavors, any sort of event I have ever sat through counts in that list. "Hateship Loveship" seems compelled to go absolutely nowhere, it seems compelled to fill itself with unlikable characters and it seems compelled to be absolutely predictable. There is nothing "Hateship Loveship" offers that can remotely be labeled as merit. This is lackluster filmmaking at its best, and it should be avoided where-ever possible.

What shocks me is that the movie is based on a book written by Alice Munro. I have never heard of the author nor the book. Somehow, despite creating a dumb movie, I am almost compelled to read it. I wonder if the movie offered anything the movie simply did not offer. I wonder if the book works better in ways that the movie can't even dream of. I certainly hope there was some reason to adapt this book into a movie, if anything at all.

The basic gist of the whole thing is that Wiig plays a nanny who moves to a new town to work as a housekeeper to Mr. McCauley (Nolte). She also looks after Mr. McCauley's granddaughter Sabitha (Steinfeld). She meets Sabitha's father and Mr. McCauley's son-in-law Ken (Pierce) and forms a crush on him. Sabitha despises Wiig's character, so much that she writes fake letters to her, pretending to be Ken. Wiig's feelings for Ken only grow and she never really finds out that Ken isn't writing her, even as Ken invites her over to his place in Chicago.

What the synopsis really boils down to is a movie that spends half its time focusing on snobby teenagers doing terrible things to a poor caretaker, and the rest of the film focuses on a sappy romance. Its too bad that the work done by all the actors in this film is quite flimsy. Its too bad that this is a story that was not worth anybody's effort. Its also too bad that I got so excited to see such a horrible film. As I stated above, right at the beginning, avoid this film at all costs.


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