Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Goonies 2 happening.

I know this may seem like old news by now, and I apologize for being so late on arrival. I could not get my head around the idea. "The Goonies" is one of the most beloved movies in my entire lifetime. I don't know a single person who hasn't loved it. It was a movie to see growing up, and I still get giddy when I watch it. Out of all the movies from my childhood, I would have never imagined "Goonies" getting a sequel. But in this world, in this day and age, never cut anything out of the realm of possibility.

Richard Donner, who directed "The Goonies," confirmed that "Goonies 2" is definitely on the way. Donner also hopes to get all of the original cast members back for the sequel. That should be very interesting since every cast member took radical paths after "The Goonies." What will the movie entail? What will it look like? Will we see every single original cast member back? Only time will tell, and I hope whatever is cooking for this sequel, that it ends up awesome.


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