Monday, April 14, 2014

Biggest Movie Badasses Bracket: The Final Outcome

Biggest Movie Badasses Bracket

The Final Outcome
It came down to a Spainard who was wrongfully accused of killing the Roman Emperor, then banished to slavery and the gladiatorial games against a Cuban criminal to rose to the ranks of the Miami Drug Trade. Maximus who was the ranked second in the Historical Figures part of the bracket faced off against Tony Montana who was ranked first in the Amoral Figures part of the bracket. Its been a long, hard-fought road to get to this point. It has also been a ton of fun. I know many of you have been waiting for this moment and now it is finally here. 

So who has been crowned the Biggest Movie Badass according to all of you?

Tony Montana beat out Maximus in the final vote that crowned him the winner of the Biggest Movie Badasses bracket. He overtook the gladiator by a margin of 76% of the vote. Many people voted vigorously, and I hope this bracket paid off the way you wanted it to. 

I remained completely voiceless this entire time. I came up with the idea and certainly threw out some suggestions for the bracket, but other than that, I recorded and collected data and had you all have at it. I did no such tampering with any outcome whatsoever. Watching all of you vote and help come up with the bracket was all the fun I needed and it was a great time. I hope you all had a great time too.

I had so much fun with this that I have a great idea for next year. So I hope you look forward to the future and I hope you had a great time with this bracket.

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