Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sabotage Red-Band Trailer

Well, this may come to surprise to you or it might not, but I love Arnold. Sure, he's probably never going to be an Academy Award winning actor, but not the bests are. People may know him for his goofy one-liners, but truth be told, he's got a real commanding presence onscreen. There is no denying it, and I have been a big fan of him for awhile. I totally understand his stint in politics, but I am very happy he's starring in action movies again. I am truly anticipating "Sabotage." 

I wonder what draws us to cop stories in entertainment. Is because they are heroic, is because they throw themselves in life-threatening situations, or is it because they work for the greater good? I feel like a psychology student in college could write a pretty interesting paper about this. Whatever the case, I am love a good, old-fashioned cop tale and that's exactly what "Sabotage" appears to be. The film stars Sam Worthington, Terrance Howard, Olivia Williams, Joe Manganiello, and Josh Holloway; that's a great cast for an action movie. Check the out red-band trailer below.

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