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March Madness Biggest Movie Badass Bracket: First Round Outcome

You've been voting for nearly a week and a half now. Finally, it is time to move onto the second round. Just like in basketball, there were some surprises and big upsets in the first round. Let's take a look.

On the top left hand side of the Bracket...The Action Heroes!

James Bond (1) vs. Chris Sanchez (16)
With over 90% of the vote, James Bond sneaks past Sanchez for the win.

John Rambo (8) vs. Martin Riggs (9)
Two memorable characters with close seeds made for a challenging decision. With 54% of the vote, John Rambo moves onto the 2nd round. I guess it helps to be a loner sometimes.

Ripley (5) vs. Lee Christmas (12)
With 87% of the vote, Ripley moves past Lee Christmas to the 2nd round, Christmas was right all along, can't beat a classic.

John McClane (4) vs. John Mason (13)
With 75% of the vote, John McClane rushes John Mason to the 2nd round. Yippee Kayee motherfucker.

Sarah Connor (6) vs. Cameron Poe (11)
With 89% of the vote, Sarah Connor terminates Cameron Poe from the bracket. The tough girls are doing great so far.

Lee (3) vs. "Bud" White (14)
Its Bruce Lee and with over 90% of the vote, he easily karate kicks "Bud" White out of the way to make the second round.

Popeye Doyle (7) vs. Dom Torretto (10)
In the biggest upset on this sub-bracket. Dom Torretto pushes the pedal to the metal to get past Popeye Doyle with 78% of the vote.

Indiana Jones (2) vs. Chan Kwok Wing (15)
In this memorable clash of East vs. West, it was Jones that made out on-top with over 85% of the vote. Always helps to be apart of the Greatest Generation!

Action Heroes 2nd Round:
James Bond (1) vs. John Rambo (8)
Ripley (5) vs. John McClane (4)
Sarah Connor (6) vs. Lee (3)
Dom Torretto (10) vs. Indiana Jones (2)

Top Right Sub-Bracket-Amoral Figures

Tony Montana (1) vs. Bonnie/Clyde (16)
Tony Montana proves once again that he is "the bad guy" and can "take all the fucking bullets!" with almost 100% of the vote, Montana beats Bonnie and Clyde for the 2nd round.

El (8) vs. Marv (9)
I suppose it helps when you come up in the most dangerous city in the world. With 94% of the vote, Marv strangles El out of the 2nd round.

Snake Plissken (5) vs. The Driver (12)
Even with being a good driver, nothing could stop Snake from getting 89% of the vote to get to the 2nd round!

Sonny Corleone (4) vs. Mr. Blonde (13)
Sonny Corleone beat out Mr. Blonde for the 2nd round with over 80% of the vote. No, the Corleone's did not make me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Tyler Durden (6) vs. Anton Chigurh (11)
In the first big upset, Anton kills it with 67% of the vote to beat out Tyler Durden.

Harry Callahan (3) vs. The Bride (14)
In one of the closest battles with 59% of the vote, The Bride upsets Harry for the win. I guess he wasn't dirty enough.

Oh Dae-so (7) vs. The McManus Brothers (10)
In another hard fought battle, Oh Dae-so moves past The boondock saints with a little under 60% of the vote.

Jules Winnfeld (2) vs. Paul Kersey (15)
Kersey has defeated many enemies, but one. With almost 100% of the vote, Jules shoots past Kersey for the win.

Amoral Figures Second Round:
Tony Montana (1) vs. Marv (9)
Snake Plissken (5) vs. Sonny Corleone (4)
Anton Chigurh (11) vs. The Bride (14)
Oh Dae-so (7) vs. Jules Winnfeld (2)

Bottom Left Sub-Bracket- Historical Figures

Bill The Butcher (1) vs. Jaguar Paw (16)
I guess I lopsided this one a bit, either that or people just REALLY love them some Daniel Day-Lewis...with 100% of the vote. Bill The Butcher gut-wrenches Jaguar Paw.

Sam Spade (8) vs. Kikuchiyo (9)
There must be something about the blades on this bracket, with 56% of the vote, Kikuchiyo strives onward to the second round.

Nameless (5) vs. Doc Holliday (12)
Between these two cowboys, it was tough. But with 58% of the vote, Nameless shoots down Doc Holliday for the 2nd round.

Rooster Cockburn (4) vs. Daniel Plainview (13)
Cockburn gave Plainview a milkshake to drink as he took 80% of the vote to the 2nd round!

Atticus Finch (6) vs. Lt. Aldo Raine (11)
In a huge upset, Aldo Raine scalps Atticus Finch for the second round, taking 60% of the votes. I guess nice guys do really finish last.

William Wallace (3) vs. Pvt. Jackson (14)
As good a shot as Jackson is, he couldn't hit his target this time. With an overwhelming 95% of the vote, William Wallace gallops on to the 2nd round!

T.E. Lawrence (7) vs. Ujio (10)
A hard fought battle these two had, but with 57% of the vote, Ujio slides by Lawrence for the victory.

Maximus (2) vs. Chichanghook (15)
The gladiator puts himself to the test against the American Indian and succeeds, taking 80% of the vote with him.

Historical Figures Second Round:
Bill The Butcher (1) vs. Kikuchiyo (9)
Nameless (5) vs. Rooster Cockburn (4)
Lt. Aldo Raine (11) vs. William Wallace (3)
Ujio (10) vs. Maximus (2)

Bottom Right hand Bracket- Fantasy Figures

Han Solo (1) vs. Ironhide (16)
No surprise here, Han Solo takes nearly 98% of the vote against Ironhide.

Conan (8) vs. Legolas (9)
In a tight race, Legolas swiftly takes down Conan with 67% of the vote.

Darth Vader (5) vs. Selene (12)
The Force was with Darth Vader this week and vampires are not immortal. Vader advances with 89% of the vote.

Mad Max (4) vs. The Hulk (13)
I guess not everybody is puny in Hulk's world as Mad Max takes 75% and the win over him!

Wolverine (6) vs. Blade (11)
Whether they are vampires or half-vampires, they are not doing hot on this bracket. The great Wolverine takes 85% of the vote.

Boba Fett (3) vs. RoboCop (14)
The silent Boba Fett takes out RoboCop with over 94% of the vote.

Predator (7) vs. Katniss Everdeen (10)
Katniss has hunted many things and won many tournaments, but she was no match for the Predator as they took 74% of the vote and the win over Katniss. The odds were not in her favor.

The Terminator (2) vs. Michael Myers (15)
The Terminator took nearly 80% of the vote over Myers, I guess that guy can die.

Fantasy Figures Second Round"
Han Solo (1) vs. Legolas (9)
Darth Vader (5) vs. Mad Max (4)
The Wolverine (6) vs. Boba Fett (3)
Predator (7) vs. The Terminator (2)

Those are the results, start voting for the second round now. The voting will last until Sunday, March 30th So get your votes in now!

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