Monday, March 10, 2014

Devil's Knot trailer

Devil's Knot trailer

The story of the West Memphis Three is a truly compelling and strange story. Much like the Zodiac killings in '60's and '70's, its a case that has never been truly solved. Although three people went to jail for it. One of the three was sentenced to death, while the other two were sentenced life imprisonment. Several years later, new evidence was brought forth and an altered plea was created, after many years of life imprisonment. There is supposed stellar documentary by "Lord of the Rings" director called "West of Memphis." I've been dying, dying to get my hands on that, but several documentaries have been made about the subject. Now, the story is getting the Hollywood treatment.

The movie stars Colin Firth, Reese Witherspoon and lots of other cool people. However, movies like this tend to have a Hallmark feel, no matter what. I hope we are saying different things about this one in May.

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