Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Deliver Us From Evil" Trailer

Well this is definitely an odd release for the Fourth of July weekend.

Will this become the new norm for that holiday weekend? No more big blockbuster, tentpole films to fill the slots that weekend? Instead, are we going to be subjected to horror? If so, its an interesting move and time will tell if becomes profitable. I love the horror genre, and if done right, I don't mind seeing some blood-and-guts on America's birthday.

People are already comparing "Deliver Us From Evil" to "The Conjuring." Once you check out the trailer, you'll definitely see the parallels. Part of the reason why "The Conjuring" was so special was because it had a wonderful marketing campaign. "The Conjuring" was a great movie too though, not just a great horror movie, a great movie in general. I hope we are saying the same thing about "Deliver Us From Evil" this summer. Its benefiting already with Eric Bana and Edgar Ramirez, it looks like a mix of horror and police genre. I hope that mixture turns out to help the movie not harm it. Plus, most important of all, its got a great teaser. Let's hope the movie itself turns out to be another picture to add to your October line-up.

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