Sunday, March 30, 2014

Biggest Movie Badass Bracket: Second Round Outcome

The second round for my Biggest Movie Badasses bracket has come to an end. Here is how the second round voting ended up.

Top Left Bracket- Action Heroes

James Bond (1) vs. John Rambo (8)
With over 79% of the vote, James Bond strikes again and will be advancing to the Sweet Sixteen.

Ripley (5) vs. John McClane (4)
This was a close one, so close that I had to calculate the votes twice because I nearly missed some. But after triple checking the votes, John McClane advances to the Sweet Sixteen, winning 58% of the vote.

Sarah Connor (6) vs. Lee (3)
With an overwhelming 89% of the vote, Lee superkicks Sarah Connor out of the running and will be advancing to the Sweet Sixteen.

Dom Torretto (10) vs. Indiana Jones (2)
After winning over 70% of the vote, Indiana Jones defeats Dom Torretto for the Sweet Sixteen spot.

Action Heroes Sweet Sixteen:
James Bond (1) vs. John McClane (4)
Lee (3) vs. Indiana Jones (2)
Voting Begins Tonight and will go until WEDNESDAY APRIL 2ND.

Top Right Bracket- Amoral Figures

Tony Montana (1) vs. Marv (9)
Once again, Montana is proving how big his cojones are by defeated Marv with taking almost 100% of the vote.

Snake Plissken (5) vs. Sonny Corleone (4)
After a big vote, Snake advances to the Sweet Sixteen with 68% of the vote.

Anton Chigurh (11) vs. The Bride (14)
Another incredibly close voting match-up, one that was decided only by 3 votes. With 51% of the vote, Anton Chigurh advances to the Sweet Sixteen, The Bride can be found in the grave of Paula Schultz.

Oh Dae-so (7) vs. Jules Winnfeld (2)
Jules Winnfeld proves how much of a badass motherfucker he is by advancing to the Sweet Sixteen.

Amoral Figures Sweet Sixteen:
Tony Montana (1) vs. Snake Plissken (5)
Anton Chigurh (11) vs. Jules Winnfeld (2)
Voting Begins Tonight and will go until WEDNESDAY APRIL 2ND.

Bottom Left Bracket- Historical Figures

Bill The Butcher (1) vs. Kikuchiyo (9)
The Butcher once again shows his power and not even a samurai sword can phase him. With over 95% of the vote, The Butcher advances.

Nameless (5) vs. Rooster Cockburn (4)
After a hard fought shoot-out, with 59% of the vote, Nameless advances.

Lt. Aldo Raine (11) vs. William Wallace (3)
William Wallace defeated Aldo Raine with 66% of the vote.

Ujio (10) vs. Maximus (2)
Maximus easily advances over Ujio with 87% of the vote.

Historical Figures Sweet Sixteen:
Bill The Butcher (1) vs. Nameless (5)
William Wallace (3) vs. Maximus (2)
Voting Begins Tonight and will go until WEDNESDAY APRIL 2ND.

Bottom Right Bracket- Fantasy Figures

Han Solo (1) vs. Legolas (9)
Han Solo advances with 80% of the vote.

Darth Vader (5) vs. Mad Max (4)
Darth Vader advances with 95% of the vote.

Wolverine (6) vs. Boba Fett (3)
Big vote, but Wolverine upsets Boba Fett with taking 57% of the vote.

Predator (7) vs. Terminator (2)
Terminator easily takes out Predator with 87% of the vote.

Fantasy Figures Sweet Sixteen:
Han Solo (1) vs. Darth Vader (5)
Wolverine (6) vs. Terminator (2)

Voting Begins Tonight and will go until WEDNESDAY APRIL 2ND. So start voting right now, you guys have been great so far and this has been a lot of fun. To make more sense of the bracket, check out the updated photo below:

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