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A Closer Look At The Biggest Movie Badasses Bracket! (Part I of IV)

So the bracket for the Biggest Movie Badasses is complete and was released on Thursday. Already people have been putting out their votes. I made a bracket online, but could not find a way to save and share on my blog, so I made a makeshift one by hand. (It is posted below)

I promised reasons to vote for each candidate on the bracket, but I was at home visiting over the weekend, and was nowhere close to a computer. So I have decided to do it tonight and maybe tomorrow. I will also extend first round voting to WEDNESDAY MARCH 26TH 2014. That will push this further into April, but I don't care if you don't care.

Here's a closer look at the bracket, I know I am not the best artist, but its the best I could do:

We'll be focusing on the top left column of the bracket, the action heroes!
James Bond (1) vs. Chris Sanchez (16)
What can I say about James Bond that you haven't already thought of? There is a reason why he made the first seed. For more than 50 years, Bond has taken down terrorists, assassins, and evil political leaders with genuine ease. Using an arsenal of weapons and clever gadgets, Bond is a man who can literally do anything. Jump out of a plane, crawl in the ceiling, surf on a title-wave...there is nothing he can't do. There isn't a woman he can't seduce, nor a bad guy he can't defeat slightly intoxicated. All of this is why Bond made the Badass Bracket.
I don't know if any of my male readers have ever talked a female police officer out of a ticket, but that wouldn't work with Chris Sanchez. In "S.W.A.T." she is shot up and constantly underestimated, but she proves that she can best any cop or criminal in any type of fight. And she's a great asset to the team in the movie.

John Rambo (8) vs. Martin Riggs (9)
Rambo is lethal with anything, from machine guns, to arrows to knives. He has survived severe torture from the Vietnam War, and has defeated nearly every type of enemy imaginable. He has incredible tracking skills and can blend into the wilderness. A very easy decision to put on a Badass Bracket.

Martin Riggs is one tough cop. He's suffered terrible loss in his life, which has hardened himself quite a bit. In the face of danger, he's a wise-cracking, foul-mouthed cop who sometimes bends the rules to save the day. He's survived a electricity machine and a British kick-boxer and can use his brain to get himself out of sticky situations.

Ripley (5) vs. Lee Christmas (12)
While most people on this bracket have survived human threats, Ripley has been able to survive extraterrestrial threats, lots and lots and lots of them. Whether by machine or flamethrower, Ripley has defeated aliens, big and small, and still keeps her tough attitude throughout.

Lee Christmas is a solider without a country, which makes him dangerous. He's dangerous because he has no loyalty except to his fellow mercenaries. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have heart. He once beat the crap out of a bunch of men because ONE of them roughed up his EX-GIRLFRIEND. That's commitment if I ever heard of it.

John McClane (4) vs. John Mason (13)
Anybody can be a cop on the big screen, but McClane is more than a cop. No ordinary cop can kill several foreign gunman out of his jurisdiction, or survive flying in the air on-top of a fighter jet, or survive cars and flame being hurled at him. He's traveled more places than the average secret agent, and he's beaten the odds every time.

A British Secret Agent, buried by his nation's government and held in the USA without a trial makes a man angry. But convincing him to back to a jail he escaped from to stop terrorists is a good plan, since he's basically a one-man platoon.

Sarah Connor (6) vs. Cameron Poe (11)
Began a great battle against machines trying to take over the world, stayed persistent to her machine despite many people telling her she was crazy, and gave birth to our savior against  the machines. Yep, she's one badass chick.

Cameron Poe has served in the military and survived it, he also survived prison after accidentally killing a man, then he survived a police jet being taken over by the world's worst criminal. Poe may always be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he always ends up on top.

Lee (3) vs. "Bud" White (14)
Not even Chuck Norris could have stopped the onslaught if he ever encountered Lee.

McClane may have survived astronomical odds, but "Bud" White is calculated, cunning and suave. He's also good with a gun, and he'll get his answers no matter what.

Popeye Doyle (7) vs. Dom Torretto (10)
It takes a special type of cop to go after drug dealers, a no-nonsense, gritty cop who has the backbone to get the job done. Doyle is exactly that type of cop.

Cops usually beat the criminals. But can an ordinary police detective beat a professional runner who can travel internationally with ease? Can they stop a professional drag-racer who can drive fast in any care imaginable and has connections all over the world? Or how about a guy who is good with a gun too?

Indiana Jones (2) vs. Chan Kwok Wing (15)
Who ever said that just because you're a college professor, means you can't be dangerous and awesome in equal measure? Jones has found some priceless relics, but he's fought Nazi's and Communists and always ended up winning. Not bad for a guy who spends most of his time teaching college students. He's great with a whip and gun too.

The world of undercover espionage is high-stakes, but Officer Chan Kwok Wing can handle it. He can fight and he can shoot, and he can blend into any underground scenario there is, which makes him utterly dangerous. He also has a slick sense of humor.

So that's the line up for the Action Heroes portion of the bracket, so happy voting. You can vote by naming the person you want to enter the second round in the reply section below. You have until WEDNESDAY!

Be back later with more of the bracket!

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