Monday, February 10, 2014

Star Wars: Episode VII confirmed shooting schedule!

When I heard that we were going to get three more "Star Wars" films, I didn't know whether to be excited or nervous. I personally dug the prequels, but I know a massive amount of "Star Wars" fans did not like those films. I know the bar has been diminished on this franchise, and that is definitely sad for me. But, no franchise is flawless, not Marvel, not Pixar, not Godfather, not Indiana Jones, not even James Bond. When something moves for a specific amount of time, its tough to remain fresh, tough to keep the sparks flying. But, after I thought about the aspect of more "Star Wars" films and with George Lucas moving out of the director's chair and into the creative consultant chair, I thought perhaps some new blood in the franchise could be a good thing.

I thought if anybody could take over the franchise, its J.J. Abrams. He's (arguably) made two great "Star Trek" films and his clever flair could be just what this franchise needs to be revitalized. I remember writing about some serious drama with the script and how Abrams wanted to push the film back an entire year, disrupting Disney's plan to annually release "Star Wars" each year starting in 2015. Even though Abrams didn't get the extra time, I think its important to note that Abrams wants this to be great. He wants this franchise to get back on track, to jump back on the high notes. I think that's glorious in itself. Yet, the seventh episode in this franchise is coming. Remember, George Lucas said that everything we see in the movies is canon. Forget the cartoons, forget the comics, forget the books, forget the video games. Abrams can pretty much do whatever he wants with these characters, and that's exciting.

Today, Hitfix released the official shooting schedule for Episode VII. It will go something like this:
"Multiple sources now have confirmed for us that "Star Wars Episode VII" is set to start shooting mid-May and will run through September of this year, and most principal casting on the film is complete, with many announcements still to come. While Abrams had mentioned May during the TCA press tour and there had been speculation about the summer date, the full production schedule was finally confirmed for us."

So not only do we exactly when Abrams and company will shoot the seventh episode, but we know that casting is pretty much fully complete. I love that we know absolutely nothing about any details, but that's J.J. Abrams for you. The guy is great in how he keeps a secret. He will only disclose information when he wants to, and most of the time, the time he wants to is opening weekend. Nothing wrong with that, I don't mind playing the hype game. Especially if its "Star Wars," I am excited for where we go from here. I am curious and intrigued by what may lay ahead. I hope we can swallow the disappointment and regret of the prequels and follow Abrams into a new generation. That is what I hope for the most.


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