Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Reaction to the full-length "Guardians of the Galaxy" trailer.

Yesterday, I showed you three images from the upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy" and I loved them. You know from that article yesterday about how excited I am to see this movie. All of that harnessed excitement was temporarily quenched as I watched the full trailer for the film tonight during Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Yeah, as I predicted, this is going to be completely unlike any other film in the Marvel Universe so far. In fact, it doesn't even come close.

The trailer opens in a what I am going to dub "Indiana Jones in space." We see a man walking through some kind of dark tomb and retrieves a sphere object. As soon as the man picks up the object, he is quickly corned by three men, led by Djimon Housnou's character. The man holding the sphere introduces himself as Star Lord and we see Chris Pratt, front and freakin' center!

If the trailer is any indicator, Star Lord is going to be Tony Stark in space, he just won't have as much money. I don't know Marvel's plan for their cosmic movies in the MCU, but if "Guardians of the Galaxy" is successful (and I don't see how it won't be), then Star Lord will be character to lead it. Not only that, Pratt is on his way to becoming a full-frontal leading man, as I also predicted. I think Pratt more than deserves it, and judging by the trailer, he may steal the movie.

I say may because the "Guardians of the Galaxy" trailer was smart enough NOT to reveal all the surprises. We didn't get a single look at Lee Pace's Ronan or Michael Rooker's Yondu, or Glenn Close. We certainly saw both Groot and Rocket Raccoon but we heard neither of them speak. (We do see both of them in action, and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!) We also have nothing on the story so far, and I find that bracing. Too many times before, marketing gives away too much of a film and audiences can guess what will happen before the film is released. But with "Guardians of the Galaxy," there is still so much to learn that its hard to not still anticipate the unknown. That's clever as hell!

We get a great look at Dave Bautista as Drax. We get a fun and somewhat humorous look at John C. Reilly's character. I never read a single issue of "Guardians of the Galaxy," so I have no idea how comedic it was. Judging by the trailer, and how Pratt and Reilly are handled in the short amount of time, some people may think comedy. But I think the comedy maybe the icing on the cake. There is a huge montage of action, big action. This is a Marvel movie after all, so we can except lots of giddy action and the trailer shows that. 

Granted, the trailer shows it while playing Blue Swede's "Hooked on a Feeling" in the background.

Yes, that's right. "Hooked on a Feeling" is playing in the background, which points at one conclusion. Marvel has truly decided to be more ambitious and it could pay off in big ways. I can't wait to see how Marvel explores the corners of its universe, I can't wait to see how this connects to the rest of the universe and I just can't wait to see this one. You'll agree that this is nothing like the rest of MCU and that's pretty cool!

Check out the trailer on Youtube sometime after tonight's airing of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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