Wednesday, February 19, 2014

James Cameron Talks Avatar Sequels

I knew a sequel was going to be made for "Avatar," that was pretty much a given. When a movie becomes the most grossing film of all time, it gains some serious prestige. I knew this would become a franchise, the only reason why "Titanic" never became a franchise is obviously because it never could. When a film reaches a certain level of success, its franchise time. I am not saying its good or bad, its just the nature of this business.

I personally had a ball with "Avatar" in 2009. Not only that, but I continue to love it. I discover something new about it every time I watch it. I also love the extended edition, and I continue to soak that up as often as I want. Plus, the film is just dead sexy on blu-ray. I am very excited about the aspect of the sequel...well, really I should say sequels. We are going to get three new "Avatar" films in the coming years and Cameron has given a few comments on the films.

Cameron says that the films are still "in development," Cameron is writing the scripts, he creating the creatures and settings of the films, and developing the software to make this undertaking beautiful. "I'm not directing yet," says Cameron "but I'm doing all the other creative processes that lead up to that."

Cameron has promised "new worlds, new habitats, new cultures" in the three upcoming films. Cameron also said what's been confirmed for years now. Yes, the humans will be the main villains in these sequels, and the man vs. nature theme will be prominent in their plot. But, Cameron says the struggle "will manifest itself in very different ways." Hey, let's be honest. Most sequels, since the beginning of time, have tread water. I can handle familiarity, just as long as the context is great and the story is told well. I trust Cameron and his passion, and I hope you all do too. I hope that rumor of Arnold Schwarzenegger being a primary antagonist will end up being more than a rumor!

The best thing about Cameron's interview today was that he thinks the sequels will be "spectacular" and even though its been a lengthy development, Cameron says everything is "going very well." That's all I want to hear at the end of the day. There are very few directors who can make good sequels to their monster hits. I think James Cameron is one of those directors, he just hasn't had too many chances to prove it yet. Here's to hoping these turn out well!


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