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Devil's Due Review

Devil's Due Review
I know I have already defended found footage quite a bit on this site. I will admit that the device isn't always flawless. There have been plenty of examples that just did not work at all, pieces of work that are incomprehensible, flaccid and just plain forgettable. I fee "Devil's Due" may fit into the latter category.

There is really no need to get to far into describing "Devil's Due" to you. As its fairly straightforward. All "Devil's Due" is just a rehash of "Rosemary's Baby" using the found footage device. That's it. There is nothing else to the story. A duo of newlyweds (Zach Gilford and Allison Miller) go to their honeymoon down in the Dominican Republic. Things get weird and something happens to them that they don't remember. When they get back, the girl is suddenly pregnant. Then its a predictable ballgame from there; an evil cult monitors the woman, she gets angry, she develops powers, weird disturbances happen at night, the woman is edgy, everything we've come to expect from this genre we see. Except in "Devil's Due," the cliche's are tedious, boring and completely devoid of any real merit.

If you're a TV lover, you'll remember Zach Gilford from "Friday Night Lights," as he played Matt Saracen on that show. I think Gilford is a cool guy, but literally any actor could play the confused husband in movies like these. I think Gilford has the talent to do better stuff than this and I wish him well in the future. Allison Miller is almost just as one-note, doing nothing better than either Mia Farrow or even Katie Featherson in this movie. When you've seen several movies of the same genre, you expect someone to eventually break new ground. That doesn't happen in "Devil's Due," its all straightforward, its all cliche, its all forgettable. There is nothing about this movie that warrants a sequel, nothing about this movie that warrants a franchise. 

I may get a little spoiler-y with this next comment so if you are squeamish about spoilers, go ahead and bail. 

The ending was possibly the movies biggest blunder. I mean, its been awhile since I've read The Bible. But I can only remember one Antichrist from that huge book. Since "Devil's Due" is a "Rosemary's Baby" rip-off, you know the girl's son in this is the Antichrist. But the movie goes ahead and sets itself up for a sequel. Its quite possibly the most mind-numbing thing the movie could do. Why do we need a second "Devil's Due?" Are they going to at least explain why the cult is going after more babies if they already have the Antichrist? Is The Devil just making his rounds around the world? Sound like a whole lot of eye-rolling to me.

Once again, one big indicator of whether or not "Devil's Due" adds up to a successful horror film comes down to one thing and one thing only. "Devil's Due" definitely drops the ball on it, the movie is just flat-out not scary. The directors even decided to make this movie jump or boo-scare free. What a waste of time if you're a horror fan. "Devil's Due" is just another reminder that if a horror movie comes out this early in the year, the buyers should definitely beware.


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