Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Piece of Star Wars Episode VII casting

Up to this point, all the casting rumors for J.J Abrams' "Star Wars: Episode VII" have been just that, rumors. There have been no solid evidence to point any actor toward any character. Abrams has been incredibly secretive so far, and I like that. I don't want everything spoiled for me, I don't like knowing everything. In our culture now, we get everything spoiled for us entertainment-wise, but there are still those who don't plan to pull up the curtain so fast.

Abrams does however, like to give us peeks. We got one of those small peeks today. We learned that actor Adam Driver will play a main villain in the upcoming chapter of the Star Wars saga. We are not given a name or anything else, we just know Driver is a main villain and its pretty much all the way confirmed. This is interesting, as everybody under the sun seems to have been rumored at this point. Both Hugo Weaving and Michael Fassbender have been considered for a villain role in the movie so far, which is making us wonder if Driver is really "the main villain" or one of the main villains.

I have never seen an episode of HBO's "Girls," but I loved "Inside Llewyn Davis" and Driver time onscreen was great. I am curious as hell to see how this pans out. If Abrams is anything, he is dedicated and patient. No matter who Driver ends up playing, Abrams did not arrive at the decision lightly. I hope that comforts you all as we learn more about this upcoming, anticipated sequel.


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