Saturday, January 11, 2014

Big Ass Spider! Review

Big Ass Spider! Review
This is exactly what you think it is. A massive spider reeks havoc on Los Angeles, and its up to the military and a bug exterminator to save the city. That's the movie, in all of its entirety. The movie never tries to be something it is not. Its an eighty minute movie, so its short, sweet and to-the-point. From the title "Big Ass Spider!" I think it pretty clear where the movie is headed, and some people will find fun in the premise and some won't. I think you know where you stand when it comes to a movie like "Big Ass Spider!" and that should say something about whether or not you keep reading this review or not.

Alex Mathis (Greg Grunberg) is a bug exterminator who takes great pride in his work. He gets hurt one day and has to go to the hospital. As he is in line paying his bill, the military begin to take control of the hospital, something very serious is taking place at the hospital.  Something is killing patients at the hospital and the military is being very discreet about it. Determined to make a difference, Alex along with the help of hospital security guard Jose (Lombardo Boyar) investigate the situation and find mutant spiders are responsible for the killing. The heroic duo join forces with the military to combat the mutant spiders and as they wage war, the situation escalates and one of the spiders becomes enormous, letting itself loose on the city.

The film is very humorous and has decent comic timing. This was a movie that premiered at the South By Southwest film festival last year and got released wider on DVD this year. This is a film that feels like something you'd see on the SyFy channel, not at a big film festival. It never takes itself seriously but its a lot of fun. On the other hand, its incredibly straightforward. Every cliche is on fine display here. The military made this monster and they are desperately trying to cover it up, how many times have we heard that idea before?

Regardless, its still a fun movie and you have to respect a movie that isn't afraid of what it is. The acting is fine, the special effects are lousy, but its got its charming moments. This is a rental for a fun night at best, and I think that's all the film wanted to be. Don't take it seriously, if you do, that is your own fault.


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