Monday, January 6, 2014

An Introduction to The 2014 Radar Project

So what exactly is The 2014 Radar Project?

Well its a new idea for blog posts that I came up with today after an unexpected day off of work. A fun way to ring in the New Year and get you all excited for 2014's coming attractions!

Originally, I thought back at the beginning of December of posting a massive, 50-title list of 2014 releases I was most looking forward to. I wanted to slowly work on the list throughout the entire month and have it ready to post on New Years day. As you can tell, that did not happen. The holidays are always busy for me, and this year was no different. Holidays, plus long days at work, plus everything else I had going on kept me from completing my big list on time. So I tried to figure out how to get my readers pumped for this brand new year of movies.

I thought about writing up a list of my top ten or top twenty most anticipated movies, but honestly, what fun is that? I think 2014 has the potential to be another stellar year of film, possibly better than 2013, so how can I truly articulate my feelings with a vast array of examples to pinpoint? So I've decided to do this. Starting tomorrow, through the rest of January, I am going to pick a couple upcoming 2014 titles and discuss why I think they are worth anticipating and why I personally think you all should mark your calendars for them.

The most I'll talk about is three films, at the very least I'll talk about two titles. But I want to get as in-depth in the future as possible. These are the films people are going to talk about. These will also be films nobody has heard of yet, and that will hopefully be fun you all too. I'll be discussing the mainstream, the blockbusters, the arthouse, the experimental, the foreign, the independent, the animated, all genres, all directors, all shapes and all sizes. I want my readers have the biggest palette of choice anywhere when discussing 2014. The point is also to get you all excited for the next 12 months, and to get ready for the cinematic year that has already begun.

I want this to have fun, so lets have fun with it. If I don't mention a movie you are personally looking forward to, please don't be afraid to tell me about it. I want this to be a really fun conversation about film, and I love the conversations this blog has already sparked. So please, don't be shy, if you have a suggestion, let's talk about it.

Thanks for reading and we'll get this going tomorrow!


  1. Sounds great, Shawn! This will be like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

  2. Nothing better to do in this weather than kick back with an icy cold coke and spend a little time just you, me, and the movies.