Monday, January 13, 2014

A reaction to the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

My 2014 Golden Globe Awards
You all are probably wondering why I didn't post a list of Golden Globe predictions prior to the big ceremony last night. Well, I'll be honest, I usually do not make predictions before Golden Globes but I always do before the Academy Awards. Its not that I don't like the Golden Globes, quite the opposite, I enjoy the ceremony. The thing is, the Golden Globes is very early in January, and in a good year I don't see everything I want to the year before. I didn't see movies like "Dallas Buyers Club," or "Her," or "Blue Jasmine," or "All is Lost" or "August: Osage County" and I wish I didn't. Sadly, Hollywood doesn't care about the awards circuit films and anybody who doesn't live in either New York City or Los Angeles, but I've come to accept this. I always catch with everything right before the Oscars though, so my perspective of the cinematic year gone by is a little bit better come Oscar time. You can bet that I'll catch up with all the movies I listed above before the Academy Awards this year, but as far as the Golden Globes go, I am always too little, too late.

I like watching the Golden Globes simply because it gets prepared for the rest of the awards circuit. I get to see what I should pay attention to before the Oscars, its like the first dog out of the gate during the race. That's what I love about the Oscars, I also think NBC puts on a very good show. The ceremony also elevates itself with its hosts, and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are spectacular hosts. Just like Billy Crystal is to the Academy Awards, this female duo really is perfect for the Golden Globes. They have great comedic timing and they work great with each other. I was cracking up over their opening last night, and I already knew we were in for a good show.

I was proud that "12 Years A Slave" won best drama, I know I said "Gravity" was the best film of 2013, I think it still is. I am was a little disappointed that "Gravity" didn't get it, and if I were in charge it would have. But I still really enjoyed "12 Years A Slave." With that said, I was super, super happy that "American Hustle" won best Comedy/Musical. That could change once I get around to seeing "Her" and "Inside Lleyn Davis," but for right now, I am extremely happy. That movie deserved it. I thought "Wolf On Wall Street" was good, but frankly if you've seen both the "Wall Street" films, "Boiler Room" and "American Psycho," you've seen everything that could possibly be said about the sub-genre. So stock brokers are incredibly-rich, incredibly-rude, sexist, racist, drug addicted, sex fiends, that's all the sub-genre has to say. With that said, Leonardo DiCaprio was incredible in the movie, so I am glad he won his award. This has been a long time coming for him and I am glad he got the attention I feel he deserved. I haven't seen "Dallas Buyers Club," but I know Matthew McConaughey is on a huge career high right now, so I have no doubt he's great. That said, I am not sure he is better than Chiwetel Ejiofor in "12 Years A Slave," that was just once in a lifetime acting right there, so McConaughey better blow my mind. I am very fond of Cate Blanchett, I am glad she won and I can't wait see "Blue Jasmine" later this month. And of course, I am very happy for my "American Hustle" girls Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence. Adams in particular has been working toward this point in career for awhile now. Also Alfonso Cuaron winning best director was a huge plus.

I know this is a movie blog, but I am also quite fond of television. This is definitely a recent development. I have been obsessed with movies all my life, not so much with television. To put it bluntly, I think the golden age of television is right now. We have more shows to choose from than ever before, we have better access than ever thought possible, but most of all, the quality of shows is much better than it ever has been. I know that's hard to see sometimes, with all the reality TV and every celebrity needing a show at this point. But you have to look past that, just like you have to look past all the sequels, prequels and unneeded reboots to see the greatness that hits cinemas every year. I am happy Bryan Cranston had a big night last night, as did "Breaking Bad" in general. I also love that Netflix had a good night. "House of Cards" is a phenomenal show, and its cool to see cable TV gets some competition. However, I don't like that the Golden Globes marginalizes TV, either both TV and movies get equal footing in the ceremony or take one piece out. I mean, come on, Paula Patton and Aaron Eckhart presenting TV awards? Television deserves a little more respect and attention from this ceremony, and that's a fact.

I am happy "Frozen" won Best Animated Feature, though it had no real competition. I also like that anybody BUT Taylor Swift won Original Song. Far and large, I was pleased with last night's winners, now I can't wait to see all these films I haven't yet and I can't wait to share my thoughts with all of you. Keep yourself posted here, we have a lot of awards season left to discuss.

Oh, and Jacqueline Bisset acceptance speech last night? What was that? I don't know what it was, but SNL will have a field day with it this weekend. Mark my words.

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