Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekly Top Ten- My Ten Favorite "New Years" movies

Weekly Top Ten- #36

My Ten Favorite "New Years" Movies
New Years Eve is right around the corner, and depending how you celebrate, you might take some time out to watch a movie with family and close friends. I certainly don't blame you, I enjoy a good film on New Years. But if you don't want to watch the likes of "New Year's Eve," and you have watched "The Waterboy" a time too many, you can start here to find some new New Years-themed films to enjoy.

With this list of ten films, you get a wide array of experiences, barely any alike. With a list that includes, comedy, nudity, romance, action, and profound mystery all have a spot on a list like this, its bracing. Anybody whose anybody could find something they can identify with, and I think you all will find something you will like. 

10. Boogie Nights
A movie for when you want to party like a porn star.

9. When Harry Met Sally
8. Sleepless In Seattle 

Movies for when you want to cuddle up to your loved ones. 

7. Assault On Precinct 13
How would you like to spend the New Year protecting criminals from criminals??

6. The Hudsucker Proxy
A movie for when you want your New Years to be shrouded in mystery.

5. Trading Places 
Because its all about the greed.

4. Sunset Boulevard
If New Years teaches us anything, its that time matters, no matter what.

3. Entrapment
The coolest movie about what happened on a New Years Eve, ever!

2. The Godfather Part II
Because even when your partying, betrayal still hurts. Especially when its family.

1. Strange Days
The ultimate New Years movie, because much like any good celebration, it turns out to be a blur tomorrow.

These are my favorite New Years movies, what are yours?

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