Monday, December 16, 2013

RIP Peter O'Toole

RIP Peter O'Toole
To say that Peter O'Toole was a legend feels like a disservice to the man and the word. Peter O'Toole was what legends were made out of, Peter O'Toole was a living embodiment of cinematic magic. His roles truly speak for themselves, they are a vast array of different ideas and different beliefs. He was an actor who truly had a gifted range. Not only did he have a fulfilling career in the movies, but at the age of 81, he had to have had a fulfilling life.

Its hard to discuss Peter O'Toole and not mention "Lawrence of Arabia," a true cinematic classic that lived up to its own hype. An experience that really doesn't feel like anything made ever. Every time I sit down to watch "Lawrence of Arabia," it floors me. "Lawrence of Arabia" is one of those classic films that is truly and utterly transcendent, an epic exploration of the soul. The film is driven by O'Toole and much (if not all) of the responsibility for the film's fate rests on his shoulders. Peter O'Toole became T.E. Lawrence, and there are very few times in film history were actors truly became the characters they appeared to be.

Peter O'Toole always felt like he was becoming the characters he portrayed. With "The Stunt Man," "The Lion In Winter," "Lord Jim," "Ratatouille," and "Troy," O'Toole created an entire population of memorable characters, memorable moments and memorable dialogue. His lengthy, unique career made him into a man of the ages. He's a man that will truly be missed greatly.

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