Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Thoughts on the "Amazing Spiderman 2" trailer

For the last several months, I've been tooting my horn about the upcoming Spidman movies. I hope you all are not annoyed by my constant blabber of the character and his movies. I promise there is a good reason for all of it. The point being, Spiderman is one of my very favorite superheroes. I want every piece of pop culture with him in it to be gold. Sam Raimi's trilogy might not have been super-faithful to the comics, but Raimi was able to evoke strong emotions from his characters and his story. While I really enjoyed "The Amazing Spiderman" last year, I didn't fall in love with it. I feel a great deal of the film plays way to similar to Raimi's first film, when it should feel like a story of its own. Other problems were with the story itself...which we'll get into more with the first look at the "Amazing Spiderman 2" trailer.

Overall, its a good looking trailer. We get interesting glimpses of Electro, Rhino and Green Goblin. It definitely looks like Spidey is going to have his hands full in this movie. That could be a great thing or could be a one-way ticket to Hollywood hell. Only time will tell. We can't tell by the trailer just how much screen time each villain will get. I understand that there is a set-up in play for The Sinister Six to show up in the 3rd film in 2016, and I hope this second entry is just that...set up...not the whole nine yards.

Things I liked about the trailer
  • Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield- I thought what made some parts of the first film work was the chemistry between Stone and Garfield, and I liked that Stone's Gwen Stacy wasn't just a damsel in distress. Granted, you have to make major leaps in logic and reality to buy some aspects of her character, but she made it work well. I am guessing that both actors will be at the top of their games for this second entry.
  • Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn

I've been singing the praises of Dane DeHaan for awhile now and I bet he'll give a great performance as Harry. The trailer is very cryptic as to what type of personality Harry is going to have, as he's definitely rocking the villainous hairstyle above. Could Harry be the Green Goblin in the movie? That point leads to...
  • The Osborn Storyline

What the hell is going on with Norman Osborn? The first film only gave us whispers of some terrible illness that struck the OsCorp CEO, but we don't know what yet. Does it have something to do with the goblin serum? If so, what? I hope this second film begins to answer some of the questions raised in the first film and I hope this franchise doesn't begin to feel like one big television mini-series.

Things I didn't Like About The Trailer...
  • Peter Parker's Past- Another major problem I had with last years "Amazing Spiderman" was I didn't like the treatment of Parker's past. Director Mark Webb took a great deal of mythology away from Parker, I thought. I don't like the aspect that Peter Parker was a human experiment before he's bitten by a radioactive spider. I think its silly and a bit generic to turn Spiderman into some Chosen One on a mission to find his destiny. That's never who Spiderman was, what drew me to the character in the first place was that I felt I could relate to him. A nerdy high-schooler, whose a hapless romantic, who happens to have superpowers. It was a neat concept for a character, and I don't like the tampering with that concept in order to replace it with typical, Hollywood gimmicks. This problem leads to...
  • Peter's link to OsCorp is the linchpin to the entire series- There is a moment in the trailer where we see a guy who looks incredibly similar to the man we saw appear in Dr. Connors jail cell during the mid-credit scene of "Amazing Spiderman." In the trailer, as this man walks through OsCorp, we see Doc Ock's tentacles and wings that look like they belong to The Vulture. Like I said, I am fine with a Sinister Six storyline, but linking literally EVERY villain in Spiderman's rogues gallery to OsCorp is lazy and hammy. In these stories, the superheroes are only as popular as their villains, and each villain has to be unique. Spiderman has an incredibly unique villain roster, but linking seemingly all of his villains to OsCorp takes away that difference. I am a bit wary of it.
  • Rhino- I've seen Rhino in the comics, and THAT IS NO RHINO!!!
  • Electro Main Villain?- It's been reported a few places that Jaimie Foxx's Electro is to be the main villain. So why is he pretty abysmal in the trailer? I think he's scenes look really cool in the trailer, but for a main villain, I expected more. I hope he isn't getting short-changed by all the other villains and characters in this movie.
Overall, its a cool trailer. Look, I really like what I like about the trailer. I think I can learn to live with the storyline about Peter's parents and the whole OsCorp villain thing. All I hope is that Marc Webb learned from the first film. I hope he's got a better script to work with that juggles and balances all the characters he has in this second film. And above all else, I hope this second film is full of fun.

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