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Weekly Top Ten- Best Thanksgiving Movies

Weekly Top Ten- #31

Best Thanksgiving Movies
I know, I know. I am more than sure you are all puzzled right now. Yes, a few weeks ago I made a top ten list of my favorite Holiday movies and you are all probably wondering what the heck I'm doing making a Thanksgiving list. Well, my holiday list was a very broad list, featuring films revolving around both Thanksgiving and Christmas. It seems like when filmmakers go out to make a holiday movie, that movie takes place on Christmas. There are only a mere handful of films that take place on Thanksgiving, so I thought those films needed a moment in the sun. 

One movie you won't find on my list? "Planes, Trains and Automobiles." Yes, I love the movie, I've written that a lot on this blog already and my blog isn't even a year old yet. So I think you all know how much I love that movie. Part of the fun of making this list was to see if I could make it without it. Also, due to how few Thanksgiving films there are, some inclusions of this list are a huge stretch. But hey, its all in fun. If you don't like fun too bad, this my blog. I make the rules ;)

10. Eli Roth's Thanksgiving (2007)
In just a few short minutes, in a faux trailer in the movie "Grindhouse," Eli Roth made a long-lasting impression. Mixing a family oriented day with bloody horror was fun, delirious and humorous all at the same time. No matter if you love him or hate him, Roth is a clever man. This faux trailer shows that.

9. Broadway Danny Rose (1984)
I've always thought Allen is at his best when he's play a smooth-talking intellectual. Throw in Mia Farrow as a smartass Brooklin resident and you've got quite the comedy. I also think that its symbolic when both characters forgive each other for their wrongdoings on Thanksgiving. The film compliments how important the holiday is in the first place.

8. Grumpy Old Men (1993)
Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau were one of those comedic duos that never got old. This film may sound boring and tedium on paper, but there is no doubt that these guys elevated the film. This film makes roll on the floor laughing and its a true classic.

7. American Gangster (2007)
Frank Lucas was able to achieve much by staying under the radar, and also looking like a good person in public. Even if that meant giving away a truck full of free turkeys on Thanksgiving. The film does a good job oh highlighting why Lucas was able to do all he did and what led to his epic downfall.

6. Home For The Holiday (1995)
Jodi Foster directed a mesmerizing portrayal of a family getting together for Thanksgiving dinner. The film just goes to show that no matter how low you get, family is the best medicine.

5. Scent of A Woman (1992)
This movie not only works as a holiday-oriented film but also a cool court drama. Pacino has never been better than in this film. And who doesn't like a film where somebody gets choked out at Thanksgiving dinner? 

4. Pieces of April (2003)
I don't know about you, but I wouldn't know what to do if I had to make a huge Thanksgiving dinner, in a small apartment with broken appliances. This small yet sincere little film was surprisingly charming. Katie Holmes actually did a pretty good job in it, too. 

3. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)
Nothing beats a classic!

2. The Ice Storm (1997)
This was the movie that got director Ang Lee on the map, and shows a dramatic side to a holiday. Showing the audience how broken this family is a metaphor for how important the holiday of Thanksgiving truly is. The film also happens to be a riveting drama.

1. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)
A story of three sisters and their rollercoaster relationship with each other. Each big story beat is brought together over a series of Thanksgiving dinners. The result is one of Woody Allen's finest motion pictures. He's never been more smart, more clever, more witty or more rigorous. The film is entertaining on so many levels that it truly is engulfing. I love every moment of this film and you will too.

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