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Weekly Top Ten- 10 Major Comic Arcs That Should Be Made Into Movies

Weekly Top Ten- #30

The 10 Major Comic Arcs That Should Be Made Into Movies
The 2000's saw the beginning of the superhero movie, while I feel the 20-teens will see how the superhero genre perfected the art of world-building. Disney/Marvel have already done a very good job creating coherent universe onscreen with the Marvel Cinemtaic Universe. We also know that in 2015, not only Superman battle Batman, but possibly Wonder Woman and Nightwing. Lastly, we also know that once the Fantastic Four franchise reboots, that universe will merge with the current X-Men film universe. There is also talk of expanding Spiderman's universe on film. This is all my way of saying, that world building in the superhero genre is at an all time high. And after the wild success of "The Avengers," we know it can be done with grace and joy. 

Not only are the studios perfecting the art of world building on camera, but they are also tacking stabs at adapting classic story arcs from the comics and making them into movies. We have "X-Men: Days of Future Past" coming in 2014 and "Avengers: Age of Ultron" in 2015. How much of the comics will be adapted into those movies has yet to be seen, but they are going to tackle those classic stories, which is exciting enough. Even though "Iron Man 3" wasn't an entirely faithful adaptation of the Extremis story, at least they tried. I began thinking this week, with these big comic stories being brought to life, what else could the studios tackle? Tonight, I made a list of my ten favorite Marvel and DC stories that I feel would make great movies.

10. The Killing Joke
We've seen an avalanche of superhero origins already in movies, so why not see the very first stand-alone supervillain origin story? If so, why not use the most popular villain in all of comics? "The Killing Joke" is intense and scary, a great October release that both thrill and chill. I know it sounds weird to think of another actor taking on the role of The Joker after Heath Ledger, but I feel that shouldn't have a great story shy away from the screen.

9. Batman: The Long Halloween
If only one thing has annoyed about every Batman movie made so far, its this: We have never seen Batman showoff his detective skills. In the DC Universe, Batman is the world's greatest detective. There isn't a better story involving Batman that could showcase those skills. Plus, it would give a handful of lucky actors the run-at-the-mill to play some of the most iconic villains in all of comics.

8. Superman: Red Son
The comic world is engulfed each year with "What If" stories, which basically means "what if an event in comics happened another way" and they are extremely popular. So I wonder how a "What If" story would fair on the big screen? "Superman: Red Son" asks the question: What if Superman's probe didn't land in America but Soviet Russia? Instead of Superman standing for justice, peace and the pursuit of happiness, he stood for communism? It would be ambitious and interesting to see how a story like this would affect casual viewers. And who wouldn't want to see Batman as a pro-capitalist terrorist?

7. Old Man Logan
After reading last weeks news, it seems Hugh Jackman could play Wolverine for the rest of his life. Fine by me, because there are plenty of cool Wolverine stories to be used. That list includes "Old Man Logan," where Wolverine fights a one-man war against all the world's supervillains after they ill the rest of the superheroes. This story works because Jackman could play the character no matter how old he gets, and even if X-Men never merges with the rest of Marvel, this storyline could work in the X-Men/FF universe. Wolverine against all evil mutants, Dr. Doom and anti-mutant villains? I'd wait in line to see that.

6. Planet Hulk
For some reason, Hulk isn't popular as a solo movie character, but was everyone's favorite in "The Avengers." I have deduced that perhaps the right story hasn't been told yet. I think people would go nuts for a gladiator/science fiction story where Hulk works like a intergalactic Spartacus. Throw in cameos from the Guardians of the Galaxy, put Mark Ruffalo in the lead and this will be pure action gold.

5. Age of Apocalypse
Apocalypse is just about the coolest, most badass X-Men villain not seen yet. So why not give a proper movie that shows off what he can do? Plus, it would give the studio another excuse to put Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan on the same side to fight a huge enemy. Yes, it would be loads of fun.

4. Grand Theft America
I don't think our struggle with the Middle East isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It seems, for better or for worse, that struggle keeps coming up in Hollywood. There is a great story in the Ultimate Marvel Universe where our country is sabotaged and attacked by superpowered radical Islamists, North Koreans and even anti-American French terrorists. For as political as it is, its still a fun story, giving characters like Hawkeye, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man big moments. Plus, I know Loki is Marvel's baby right now, and the big finish at the end would be so bombastic that I'd love to see the studio attempt it.

3. Kingdom Come
In the future where superhumans run amok with no moral compass or compassion for human life, how will the Justice League get its leader back after years of suffering from guilt? This is a huge, yet intelligent story that could be a marvel to look at and give legendary older actors the opportunity to play iconic heroes.

2. Marvel Civil War
Easily the most popular recent Marvel crossover and at least hinted at in the first "Avengers" movie, "Civil War" seems like a perfect fit. Of course of characters would have to be changed and modified, but I feel with the right screenwriters, the obstacles can be avoided and a great adaptation can be made. It would work as big action and compelling storytelling as two big groups of heroes battle it out.

1. House of M
My top spot makes me sad because even though, this would be the coolest comic story to be adapted, its also the least likely. Disney would have to get its hands on the X-Men property once again, which seems next to impossible at this point. (I can dream though, right) "House of M" is an incredible story, rich in detail, titanic in action. And in a story where Magneto's daughter, The Scarlet Witch bends reality so that mutants are the majority and humans are the minority, and its up to Wolverine and a small group of heroes to change back time, it could lead to massive amounts of epic. I think if 20th Century Fox is willing to play ball, anything is possible. I hope both studios can look at this epic story, and come together to tell it. If they did, we would all die of shock however... 

So those are my favorite comic stories, what are yours? Which stories should be made into movies?

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