Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Croods Review

The Croods Review
I haven't been real kind to animated films this year, but I stand by what I say and I am passionate about it all. There really wouldn't be a point to starting up a blog about movies if there wasn't a certain degree of undeniable passion. I love the animated genre, I love the way filmmakers find ways into the minds of young audiences and also with adults. Sadly, very few films this year have been able to capture that in a full manner, lots of animated films have thrown a huge bone to kids while boring their parents. I gave up, thinking that 2013 would be the year of weak animation.

Then I saw "The Croods."

"The Croods" is fun and magic of every level. It appeals to people of any age, of any walk of life. There are moments of incredible humor, while also generating tender, tear-jerking moments that work too. Its not only a fun exercise for kids, its about the end of the pre-historic world and the birth of the modern world. That birth could not have been handled better comically, than I see here. There is a ton of voice talent in the movie which makes the experience that much better.

Eep (Emma Stone) lives with her family in the caves sometime in the pre-historic world. Grug (Nic Cage) is her father, Grug is a man who is very over-protective over his family and goes out his way to protect them. This means constantly living in small caves, away from the outside world. Eep very much wants to see that outside world, determined to prove that they can exist in it. Eep's feelings are amplified when she meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds) a free-spirited loner who is getting by with some fun inventions. Guy is wary as he feels the world is going to end and he plans to get Eep and her family to safety. 

How good the animation looks in films like these are always important, and "The Croods" definitely doesn't disappoint. I love it when animated films may have crude (no pun intended) details but showcase realistic qualities as well. "The Croods" definitely doesn't shy away from that. There is a scene where the family dives into the ocean and it literally looks like somebody dropped animated people into real water. There is also a close up on Grug at one point, and the hair on his arms is a fine detail. The film is full of these scenes and the attention to detail is spot-on. Its a grand reminder of just how far we have come in animation today.

Short version: "The Croods" is just about the best animated film of the year and lots of fun for everyone.


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