Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Maleficent Trailer

Yesterday we get the first poster for Disney's "Maleficent" and now the next day, its only appropriate to get the first trailer.

Why Disney is doing so much with their classic fairy tales right now, I'll never know. What's next? A live-action darker looking Little Mermaid? Live-Action darker Aladdin?

The live-action versions of these classic tales are usually hit or miss, and even at that it mostly misses. I didn't much care for Alice In Wonderland in 2010, I thought both versions of Snow White in 2012 were okay, with the Julia Roberts version being much worse. Now in 2014 we will get Maleficent and its live-action Cinderella in the 2015. I wonder if any of these characters will show up on ABC's "Once Upon A Time?"

Well its a really short trailer, the look and magic of the film looks just right. I have liked Ellen Fanning much more than her older sister. I no doubt, think she will rock the part. This is definitely not the same material we are used to seeing Jolie take, and that's promising. We just don't see enough to really make a decision. Overall, good looking trailer.

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