Sunday, November 24, 2013

I've got an idea...

I read something today that got me thinking. This is a very, very broad theory, something I don't expect to happen at all. But hey, its fun to think about, and at this point in popular culture...anything is possible.

There are quite a few television programs I pay attention too. I am watching more television shows than ever before. For the longest time, I was just a movie guy, but I am quickly becoming a TV guy too. In my opinion, we are living in the golden age of television right now. There are quite a few shows to watch and the quality of the shows are intoxicating. Treating television with the respect its always deserved is music to my ears. One of the shows I like quite a bit is "Arrow," based upon the DC Comics character Green Arrow. Its action packed, its emotional, its dramatic, its well-acted...everything you'd expect from a good show. I have also learned that in a few weeks, "Arrow" will feature another recognizable DC Comics character...Barry Allen AKA The Flash. The Flash will get his own television show sometime in 2014.

Like I said a few weeks ago, the superhero genre seems ambitious enough to expand world-building into brand new territories. "The Avengers," "Batman vs. Superman," "Spiderman spinoffs" "The X-Men/Fantastic Four reboot universe" is becoming a new standard from the superhero genre in movies. It looks as if that standard is about to dip into the smaller screens too.

DC announced recently that they have more shows on the way. We know that sometime in the upcoming years that more shows based on DC characters are on the way. The CW, the station that is home to both "Arrow" and "Flash," will see the birth of "IZombie" and "Hourman." Fox is developing a "Gotham" series and NBC is developing a "Constantine" series. There isn't much information besides who is developing what, but it definitely raises some eyebrows. Its pretty clear that Flash and Arrow will have adventures together on The CW, so I am guessing Hourman will too. What I wonder is will Gotham and Constantine be connected to anything bigger? I wonder if there will be any multi-station deals going on to make something big. Sony and Disney tried very hard to get Oscorp in "The Avengers" in 2012, could inter-company cooperation be real in the future?

The real question for tonight is now. This is my big idea of the night, my big theory. We all know that the television show "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is connected to MCU, and that a recent episode tied directly to "Thor: The Dark World." Its too early to tell if this big screen-small screen connection will pay off in the long run. If it turns out successful, will DC try the same thing. I know that DC is trying something different than Marvel, but at this point, it seems DC has been more successful on the small screen compared to Marvel. I'd choose "Arrow" over "Agents" any day right now, but that could change at any moment. I wonder if DC will catch wind of this and try to connect their shows to their film franchises. Thinking of a world that featuring Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Stephen Amell, Lawrence Fishburne, Manu Bennett, Grant Gustin, Diane Lane and whomever else seems like a great idea. I think "Arrow" could fit in perfectly into the world Zack Snyder is putting together in "Man of Steel." Could this be something of the future?

All I know is that I have been really surprised over the years now. I never thought something like a big screen universe would be possible, but it is. I never thought Channing Tatum would ever get his shit together, but he did. Now, I never thought I'd find much of DC entertaining, now I do. I am constantly being surprised lately, and I hope something good comes out of all this. If DC decides to keep its TV and movies separate, then we will have two worlds rich in detail and entertainment...but if they merge? Whoa, Marvel better watch out, they'll have serious competition.

I am also curious if Marvel's deal with Netflix will also incorporate itself into the MCU. The possibilities are endless!


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