Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekly Top Ten- Best Foreign Horror Films

Weekly Top Ten-#28

Best Foreign Horror Films
Sorry for being a little behind, I've been itching to write this list for awhile now, but I've been busy these past few weeks. Sometimes, as much as I LOVE this blog, I like getting away from it and doing other things. I am really excited to post this top ten of my favorite foreign horror films.

For as long as I am blogging, I will always champion foreign films. I love that the market is finally gaining traction. I like we as Americans are getting more and more access to the cinematic world around us. Its healthy, its a rich world and we deserve to see it. Foreign horror films are fun to watch because they are so daring, so willing to take it audiences to places of real discomfort. They go places our censorship laws would never let us dare to go, which is part of the reason why need foreign cinema in our diet. This list represents my favorites from the foreign genre.

10. Shaun of the Dead, Great Britain
Okay, its true. This is a little bit of a fun one. But one thing "Shaun..." gets right is it doesn't let up from the conventions of zombie movies. This film is bloody and gory, but its sincere, heartfelt and very funny.

9. 28 Days Later, Great Britain
Lush and realistic cinematography blends with great acting and fearsome effects make for a great horror film. I love the look of the apocalypse in this film, how humanistic the characters are and just how scary these "zombies" were when they run. 

8. Funny Games, Austria
Sometimes, the scariest thing in the world is human nature. This film maps out what  happens when two intelligent sociopaths break into your house and make sure they are in control.

7. Pan's Labyrinth, Mexico/Spain
What makes this movie stick out is how balanced the horror is. Not only is the fantasy world scary, but so is the graphic depiction of war. When you are assaulted by both sides of the story, its truly captivating.

6. Ju-On: The Grudge, Japan
One could say, that this is just the Japanese version of the remake. That is true, but this is the original and its about a thousand times scarier.

5. Ringu, Japan
Ringu is exactly like Ju-On, its the original and it is much scarier, much bigger on mood.

4. AntiChrist, Denmark
The images you see in this movie are nearly unforgivable. Director Lars Von Trier is a monster and should be locked up for human violations. But a film that piercing earns a spot on this list, the film is creepy, surreal and relentlessly disturbing.

3. Audition, Japan
Like I said on Sunday, this is completely nightmaric...if that's even a word!

2. Let The Right One In, Sweden
I know this got remade awhile back, but this is film is much better. Creepier atmosphere, better actors, and more startling imagery.

1. The Devil's Backbone, Mexico/Spain
Made by the guy that directed "Pan's Labyrinth," the use of creepy imagery is the most solid of any foreign horror film. The parallels to Spain's history is undeniable. The make-up effects are nightmare-inducing. Everything about it is great.


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