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Weekly Top Ten- The 10 Story Catch-up!

Weekly Top Ten- #25

10 Story Catch-up #1
One thing I love about this blog, I can change it and evolve it however I see fit.

I love making weekly top ten lists each week, but I'll admit, it is sometimes hard to think of these lists each week. I always want this blog to appear fresh, I hate repeating myself or sticking to a routine. As much as routines are fine, I like change and I like updates. So with this weekly top ten I am doing a story catch-up, which means I'll bringing you all up to date with some of the most recent, coolest stories in movies.

Yes I bet you think that this is just a big Hollywood Grapevine, you can say that. But I have decided that I will do these "10 Story Catch-Ups" when I (a) can't think of a fun theme for a Weekly Top Ten and (b) I haven't done a Hollywood Grapevine in awhile. In fact, if this list does better than my Hollywood Grapevine posts, I may cancel them altogether. This blog isn't even a year old yet, so there is still plenty of room for change and revamps. I see no problem with that and I hope you do not either.

10.) QT's Top 10 Films of 2013, so far
I always enjoy reading many people's top ten lists at the end of each year. I think its a great way to view a different perspective of the year past. Even when the person making the list may seem unconventional at first. I love Quentin Tarantino, I love his films and most importantly, I love to read his year-end lists. The list below is his Top 10 Films of 2013, so far:

1. Afternoon Delight
2. Before Midnight
3. Blue Jasmine
4. The Conjuring
5. Drinking Buddies
6. Frances Ha
7. Gravity
8. Kick-Ass 2
9. The Lone Ranger
10. This is the End

A very interesting list. I have never heard of "Afternoon Delight" but now I can't wait to see it. I have heard good things about "Blue Jasmine," "Drinking Buddies," and "Frances Ha," now I likewise can't wait to see those. I LOVED "Before Midnight" and found "The Conjuring" to be kind of wonderful. I thought "Kick-Ass 2" was okay, yes okay. And I downright hated "The Lone Ranger." This is typical Tarantino though, and I think this list really reflects who he is as a person. Can't wait to see what his year-end film looks like.

9.) Nemesis movie
Since 2008, the work of Mark Millar has been making quite the breakthrough in the movie world. His adaptations of "Wanted," and "Kick-Ass" are both interesting, I wouldn't say I love each movie in those franchises, but I am glad he got them made. I think he's a great deconstructionist writer and now he's a big manager for Marvel Studios. Another one of his books, "Nemesis" will come out in a couple years and Millar has already become his own biggest cheerleader.

"Nemesis" will be a deconstructionist Batman. A boy who grew up rich, found out about his father dying to a crooked cop. Now, grown up, he goes to a different city and finds a different cop and messes with their lives. It seems like a cool story. The movie adaptation will be directed by Joe Carnahan, director "Smokin' Aces." Millar says "its my favorite movie and it won't come out for another one to two years." He also goes as far to call it the best film of the decade. Should we be getting excited? Its a bold claim.

8.) Saoirse Ronan auditoned for Star Wars
There have been only rumors so far linking certain actors to "Star Wars: Episode VII," all of them I have taken with a grain of salt. Ryan Gosling's name has been thrown around, so has Benedict Cumberbatch's. Tonight, we have our first real rumor, Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones, Hanna) said she auditioned for a role in the upcoming film. She said there was a lightsaber in the audition. I am now excited.

Who knows if she got the role. She said "everyone" has auditioned for a role for the upcoming movie. What exactly that means? I don't know, I am just happy that we are getting a new Star Wars soon, and that a great director (J.J. Abrams) and good actors are linked to it.

7.) James McAvoy discusses X-Men
Apparently, the big mutant party called "X-Men: Days of Future Past" is going to be the "biggest, most epic yet," according to James McAvoy who plays young Professor X in the film. Apparently, this is the second biggest production Fox has ever had, which is only bested by "Avatar." McAvoy says they are really "going for it." I love it, I hope it ends up being a great film. I have loved the viral marketing so far, and I love X-Men in general. Bring on the first trailer!

6.) Legend of Conan
I saw the "Conan: The Barbarian" remake a couple of years ago, and I really didn't like it. I was very fond of Arnold Schwarzenegger's run with the character. I have always thought Arnold Schwarzenegger was a big, walking gimmick. Most of his movies have never been particularly good, but his presence is what makes them fun. With that said, some of the best films he's ever made were the Conan movies. So it has tickled me pink to learn that Schwarzenegger is returning to the franchise. Chris Morgan who produced the "Fast and Furious" franchise will produce this. So far, no other crew or release date has been pegged to the film.

5.) Paul Giamatti will be in "Amazing Spiderman 3"
Paul Giamatti is an incredible actor with many merits to his career. Next year, we will see him for the first time as a supervillain. He will play The Rhino in the upcoming "Amazing Spiderman 2," and also made a revelation this week that he will appear in the third film in this franchise too. Does this edge us closer to seeing a Sinister Six film in the future? Who knows. I thought the first "Amazing Spiderman" was okay, I am hoping the franchise can turn itself around next year.

4.) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit trailer

Jack Ryan has been a character who has been present in the film world for awhile now. The character was originally created by the now deceased author Tom Clancy. The character appeared in the books and movie versions of "Hunt For Red October," "Patriot Games" and "The Sum of All Fears." He has been played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck. Now he will be played by Jack Ryan in the prequel film "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit."

I think Tom Clancy is rolling in his grave.

What made Jack Ryan different compared to Jason Bourne or James Bond was that he was a quick-witted, mild-mannered analyst. He never really used a gun much in his stories, all this movie looks to be is a Jason Bourne clone. Its rather disappointing, and not at all the character Tom Clancy created. I don't need a Bourne clone just for the sake of it. I want something that will true to character and that will be entertaining. I don't think this will be wither of those.

3.) I, Frankenstein trailer

"I, Frankenstein" was an unpublished graphic novel that became a movie in 2014. The film will star Aaron Eckhart in the lead role. The movie could be cool, could not be. We shall see.

2.) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. struggles
The first episode of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." did really well its first week, but it struggled its second week. I hope a new strategy can be made to make the show work, Tuesday is going to become a huge competition night for TV. I hope this show can bounce back. I have been impressed with the first two episodes, but that's it. I've been impressed. There isn't enough compelling stuff to get us sucked in yet, I hope that it is on the way.

Speaking of Marvel...

1.) Elizabeth Olsen in Avengers 2
Samuel L. Jackson has confirmed that Elizabeth Olsen has been cast in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," which is set for 2015. However, he did not say who she will be playing. There have been rumors that she was up for The Scarlet Witch, one of the two new characters being added to the mix for the sequel. Although at this point, nothing is confirmed.

Do I like the idea of Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlett Witch. Yeah, I don't think its a bad choice. I think she's the Olsen with all the talent, and I am sure there is a good reason why Joss Whedon is going younger with the casting of the mutant-but-not-mutant characters. Give it a chance, I am sure it will be great.

That is all the stories for today. Let me know if you all like this format and I am always open ideas about Weekly Top Tens. Let me know.


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