Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New American Hustle trailer

New American Hustle Trailer
Its official, I am David O. Russell fan. I really loved "The Fighter" back in 2010. It was a movie that made my top ten favorite films of that year. I enjoy it very much. What I loved was how well Russell directed Christian Bale in that movie, as well as Amy Adams. Bale was so good in "The Fighter," that it earned him an Oscar. As much as I enjoyed "Silver Linings Playbook," I didn't fall head over heels in love with it. Its not an embarrassment though, its actually quite good. Once again, Russell was able to get great performances from both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

Today, in "American Hustle," Russell has combined Christian Bale and Amy Adams with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Throw Jeremy Renner into the mix and you've got quite the cast. The word of mouth is great, too. All the chatter says we got another Russell classic on our hands. I can hardly wait to watch it!

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