Monday, October 14, 2013

Marvel release its favorites for Ant-Man

Sources are pouring in tonight revolving the two favorites for Edgar Wright's upcoming "Ant-Man" in 2015. The big two favorites of Marvel are Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd. There is chatter that a third actor could be added to the list, but these two guys have the top spot right now. They will both meet with Wright and Marvel execs one more time before a final decision is made.

First of all, I want to say that I admire both actors very much. They both are very capable of making the character of Henry Pym believable. Edgar Wright has been aiming for a comedic tone for "Ant-Man" for awhile, (sort of like with the Iron Man films) and I think both actors will be able to play on that nicely. Edgar Wright has directed "Shaun of the Dead," "Hot Fuzz," "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," and recently "The World's End." I think he can direct well-staged action and create funny comedy. With either actor, we are in good hands.

Second of all, I can't believe they haven't considered Alan Tudyk. A few weeks back, I made a list of 10 actors who I'd love to see take the part. Alan Tudyk was at the top of the list, for good reason. I feel like he embodies Pym on the same level Robert Downey Jr. embodies Tony Stark. Tudyk can be very funny, but he can serious and heroic. All traits needed to pull off Pym. I don't mean to take anything away from Levitt or Rudd, but if there is any hope for a third contender, I hope that contender is Tudyk.

Third of all, as much as I like both actors, I'd love to see Rudd take it. Don't get me wrong, I love Levitt, love him. But he was recently in "The Dark Knight Rises," and he's also had a hot streak lately. As good as Levitt is, he seems like a safe choice for the character. I wouldn't consider Rudd safe, he seems really unconventional and that maybe exactly what this character needs. Rudd as a superhero? Who WOULDN'T want to see that. Imagine the mad chemistry between Rudd and RDJ, Hemsworth, Sam Jackson, Evans, Renner, and anybody else involved in these films. I think Rudd has enough quirk, charm, intelligence and talent to create a funny yet noble adaptation of Pym. All the while he creates something of his own out of the character. Levitt can do all of that too, but like I said, he seems like a safe choice. He seems like he was easily settled on, he's got a lot on his plate and a lot in the future. So why not take the opportunity to someone else in the spotlight? Someone we aren't necessarily expecting?

Please let me know what you all think of this. "Ant-Man" is due out in late 2015.


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