Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cast This!

Cast This!
Here are a couple of casting rumors going on around the mill.

Jamie Foxx as Martin Luther King?
Jamie Foxx maybe circling to nab the lead role in an upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. biopic being developed by DreamWorks Pictures and Warner Brothers Pictures. The film might also be directed by Oliver Stone. There is no current release date available yet.

Jamie Foxx is an interesting choice at best. He's a good actor and I have enjoyed many of his performances and movies, ranging from "Django Unchained," "Collateral," and "Miami Vice." However, as good as he is, he's not the guy I imagine for Martin Luther King, Foxx has a stylish, slick method to his acting that I am not sure would fit someone as uplifting and important as MLK. I will give Foxx one thing, he was great as Ray Charles in "Ray." Maybe he'll surprise and get another Oscar nomination again.

Oliver Stone is an even more interesting choice for director. Much like Foxx I have enjoyed many of Stone's films. However, one thing that makes him stick out and what annoys some viewers is how overtly political his films are. I want this to be a straight MLK biographical film, not some publicity stunt with a political message. MLK was an important figure, he deserves a great film.

Charlie Hunnam drops out of Fifty Shades of Grey
After less than a week of shooting, Charlie Hunnam has dropped out of the adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey." The actor stated that he had to drop out of the film due to scheduling conflicts with his popular TV show, "Sons of Anarchy." Although my source says that the real reason Hunnam left was that he was uncomfortable with the material of the movie. It sort of makes sense, because wouldn't the studios worked out the scheduling hoopla before hiring Hunnam?

Who knows. I never read "Fifty Shades of Grey," and I don't think I ever plan to. So I don't know if Hunnam would have been perfect for the role or not. I kind of liked that he was the conventional choice for the part. Its too bad that he didn't stick with it, because Hunnam is a great up-and-coming actor who was really good in this year's "Pacific Rim." Perhaps something controversial was something he needed. No matter. I am sure Universal will be replacing him promptly and we will soon figure out the true reason for Hunnam's departure.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" is still set for its August, 1st 2014 release.


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