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Weekly Top Ten- Ten Actors For Ant-Man

Weekly Top Ten-#24

Ten Actors Marvel Should Consider For Ant-Man
So we have known for quite sometime now that the film which will open MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Phase Three will be "Ant-Man." We have known for awhile now that Edgar Wright has landed as the film's director. Wright has also directed "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," so he will be no newcomer to comic movies. Wright also directed "Shaun of the Dead," "Hot Fuzz," and this year's "The World's End." There is a rumor circling around that "Ant-Man" might come out sooner that November 2015, which was its orginal release month. That is music to my ears, I feel Ant-Man should have been in this universe well before the first Avengers movie. So with this rumor in mind, I created a list of actors who I think could play Hank Pym aka "Ant-Man" very well. I hope you enjoy my list.

10. Adrien Brody
Brody has already proven to have incredible range. His Oscar for 2002's "The Pianist" also solidifies that. Recently, Brody has taken much more mainstream, fun movies. I think Brody is prime for superhero material, and I can't think of a better hero that would fit Brody's style and persona.

9. Michael C. Hall
The "Dexter" actor already has the perfect look for Pym. But a big bonus for Hall is that he's an incredible actor. He has proven from "Dexter," as well as many movie roles that he can be sarcastic and serious, two traits that are good for Pym. Plus, who wouldn't want to see Hall in a superhero movie?

8. Milo Ventimiglia
Now, I'll admit, I haven't like too many movies with Ventimiglia. However, I do believe he is a unique talent who needs the right role. I totally feel that Hank Pym could be that role for Ventimiglia. He's got the looks and the charm for the role and I definitely think he'd do really well with the role. Like Hugh Jackman with Wolverine, this could be a role that creates a career.

7. Joshua Jackson
After "Fringe" I think Jackson could be a very good choice for Hank Pym. I think he's matured quite a bit since The Mighty Duck franchise, and he could really revive his film career once again with a Marvel property.

6. Jason Lewis
Based on looks alone, Lewis has the role. Good thing he's a capable actor too. I could understand why somebody would think that an overall unknown actor might not be the best bet for a superhero that doesn't have the popularity compared to Spiderman, however I think Lewis would pull the talent in spades. He's definitely got the charm to pull it off.

5. Patrick Wilson
Wilson already played "Nite-Owl" in the 2009 adaptation of "Watchmen." So we already know he's got a connection to superhero stories. He's also proved over his budding career that he has striking range. He can be heroic, villainious, passionate, tender, and comedic. He's got a wide arsenal of emotions he can bring to Hank Pym and I think Disney and Marvel would benefit from his casting.

4. Simon Pegg
He looks like Hank Pym. He's expressed interest in the material revolving the character. He's worked with director Edgar Wright on several occasions. He's funny but he can also be very dramatic. He's a nerd with a passion for this kind of movie. Yeah...what is Marvel waiting for?

3. Nathan Fillion
Much like Pegg, Fillion is a big nerd. He would be more than willing to take the role if offered and he would be very proactive in making it the best possible movie. Much like many actors on this list, Fillion has also proven to have quite the range.

2. Ewan McGregor
Right now on the internet, McGregor is one of the favorites for the role. I can definitely see why. He's got the look and the build of Pym. He's got quite the career which could easily lead to the role. He also has yet do anything in the superhero arena. I say why not, he already proved that two actors can play the same character to absolute perfection. Why not put a superhero name under his belt.

1. Alan Tudyk
For the love of God Marvel, make it happen! I know I have said for all the actors on this list that they have wide range and talent, this is why I considered all of these actors. However, Tudyk gets the top spot because he would be absolutely perfect for the role. Perfect. To mention his range and talent almost feels like wasted praise. If Tudyk landed this role, it would be the type of perfect casting that we got from Marvel when they gave Iron Man to Robert Downey Jr. Yes, it is that high of caliber. I truly think Tudyk was born to play this role and I want the rest of the world to know.

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