Friday, September 13, 2013

Dead Man Down Review

Dead Man Down Review
Ya know? I often wonder what leads great actors to silly projects.

Does an agent really have a lot of say on what their clients will do? Do they feel they need time in front of the camera? Do they get paranoid or desperate? I sincerely it is one of those or something I am not thinking of. I sincerely hope that great actors don't read a script and then say "where do I sign?" IF that is correct, than God needs to help humanity right this instant.

"Dead Man Down" is fairly tense, its watchable simply due to its cast. But the movie is so laughably bad and so loopily put together that I can't fathom why people like Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace, Dominic Cooper or Terrance Howard signed on to do it. These are all actors I admire, people I enjoy watching. Why do something so silly?

I guess I should talk about the plot a little bit. I promise I'll try hard not to snicker. Colin Farrell plays Victor, a Hungarian criminal working for crime lord Alphonse (Terrance Howard). Victor is secretly infiltrated Alphonse's organization for revenge, he wants to kill Alphonse for killing his wife to avoid a trial for accidently killing his daughter. (giggle...with me so far?) Victor has infiltrated the organization so that Victor can play head games with Alphonse for an undisclosed amount of time. (giggle, giggle) Meanwhile, Victor is watched by Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) a woman who seems to show interest in Victor. On their first date though, things go wary as she blackmails Victor into killing a drunk driver who disfigured her face. (giggle.)

These two stories don't mesh in a clever, intelligent way. It is very lazy storytelling from start to finish. Both stories don't have a lot of interest, but the movie is somewhat passable with a good cast. But like I said above, how all these good actors got together in the first place is baffling. The story is so silly with stupid, unneeded left turns. None make the movie better, more intriguing or more provocative. Also, for a intense thriller, the film moves painfully slow. I don't mind slow-moving movies if they can keep things interesting, "Dead Man Down" fails completely with it.

I don't really know if I have much more to say. With the cast that was featured, I expected much more. It is sometimes much more frustrating to see so many talented artists performing a garbage story. I hope this is a learning experience for all involved, because if not, God help them.


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