Sunday, September 15, 2013

Classic Wolverine Costume Almost used?

Wolverine almost wore yellow?
Throughout the entire X-Men movie franchise, I used to dream of Jackman wearing the classic Wolverine costume. I think we all have. I always thought that perhaps the studio would never consider it. Apparently I was wrong, because it got very close to happening in "The Wolverine" this past summer.

"This is the costume that I modeled for The Wolverine. It was unused in the final cut of the film. Everything in the box is digitally modeled and 3d printed. There is no cloth or leather used in these parts, but rather texturing added in ZBrush. - See more at:"

The quote above was from Adam Ross, who was the costume modeler and sculptor for the film. I love that they actually nearly made it. I wonder how much money it would cost to buy on Ebay or Amazon. What do you guys think of seeing Hugh Jackman in the classic Wolverine costume? Do you think it would have worked or not?

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