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Bullet To The Head Review

Bullet To The Head Review
Jimmy Bobo (Slyvester Stallone) is a hitman who works in Louisana. As the movie opens Bobo and his partner Blanchard (Jon Seda) kill a cop. The cop was corrupt and had a prostitute at his place, but Bobo does not kill her. Later that night at a bar, Blanchard is killed by Keegan (Jason Momoa). Bobo vows revenge, and he eventually crosses paths with the corrupt cops partner Detective Kwon (Sung Kang). Together the piece the mystery behind Keegan's motives together. 

In an action movie that includes not only Stallone, Kang, Momoa and also Christian Slater and Brian Van Holt, one would think they were in for a great time. Its too bad to report that "Bullet to the Head" is fairly boring for an action movie. There is plenty of Stallone and Kang, running around, getting information from leads, killing them, and moving on. This type of revenge film is no unfamiliar template, its just too bad that this movie doesn't do anything cool with this premise. The film also hints at bigger story arcs, but they never amount to anything. For example, the movie focuses on the non-dead hooker for an ungodly amount of screen time, just to never see her the rest of the movie. Another example makes the audience believe that Bobo will be pegged for Blanchard's murder, but it is never discussed again. Subplots are suggested but never drawn out, which is puzzling.

What also blows my mind is that the limited action scenes in this movie are just as boring as the movie itself. It isn't well staged action, so it ends up looking very silly. It looks very similar to watching a bunch of children play with guns. Characters pump others full of so much lead that it is hard not to view it as overkill. Action movies are supposed to be thrilling and exciting, but when the action can't get my eyes wide, even when the film is already dull, that is two times the boring.

Okay, so it isn't all the way bad. The performances carry the film a long way. Stallone and Kang have awesome chemistry. So much to the point that I would love to see Kang appear in an Expendables movie sometime in the future. Stallone in particular keeps up his charm, and at times he made me laugh. Jason Momoa plays a greasy, grimy bad guy, and he never oversells it. He never makes his character cheesy or cartoonish, so I give Momoa tons of credit. Christian Slater appears as Baptiste a rich man in New Orleans who has ties with Morel (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) who is an African crime lord trying to facilitate the New Orleans underground. Slater and Akinnuoya-Agbaje do really well together, but they have very limited screen time, which is too bad. 

Overall, when we look back at 2013, and we look at the three Planet Hollywood stars and their movies, between Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Willis, Schwarzenegger had the better movie. Sadly "A Good Day to Die Hard" and now "Bullet to the Head" don't do much at all as far as entertainment. Schwarzenegger's "The Last Stand" may not have re-defined the action genre, but it was a hell of a good time. There was nothing fun about "Bullet to the Head" and as good as the performances are, this "action movie" moves at a snails pace. There is nothing exciting, thrilling, or barely anything worthwhile.


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