Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Power of Few Review

The Power of Few Review

One thing I hate the most: Movies that are not about a goddamn thing, a plot that leads nowhere.

Another thing I hate even more: Movies that are not about a goddamn thing, but try to pretend they are.

Such is the case with the colossal trainwreck that is "The Power of Few." It is a movie that features many plot-lines and non-linear storytelling. There is a big wrap-up at the end that ties everything up in one big bow, which would have been shocking if the movie was actually about something compelling. If all of these interwoven storylines actually went somewhere of logic, I could care more. All "The Power of Few" amounts to is a bad movie trying to be cool, which I find even more insulting. The big twisty wrap-up is only surprising if you have never seen a motion picture before in your life, its a flop. The sad thing is, it would have been a flop no matter what. It doesn't matter if the movie is being told in linear or non-linear storytelling, the story is still one-note and predictable. "The Power of Few" was just something that was destined to fail.

The movie revolves around a couple different stories. Two gang members are trying to kill somebody for whatever reason. (Literally, it is never explained why they want to kill this one guy.) A boy tries to care for his infant nephew by robbing a baby store of its medicine, two young-lovers are caught in a crime-scheme, and a fat girl walks around eating a candy bar. All the while two homeless guys look on at the imploding story. All the stories are latched together by a news-story saying something sacred has been stolen from Vatican City. The film features Christopher Walken, Christian Slater, Moon Bloodgood, Jesse Bradford, Juvenile, and Anthony Anderson. It is sometimes off-putting to see a half-way decent cast wasted on such a piece of trash. Christopher Walken has never looked this bored anytime in his career, playing one of the homeless guys that watch these mini-stories collide. Anthony Anderson is a good actor in general, but him playing a gang member nearly made me want to laugh. 

The other sad part is that none of the stories above are really fleshed out enough for us to even care. There are no big beats where we learn anything about the characters, or their motivations or anything else of minor importance. The mini-stories are over really before they begin, which makes the entire experience rather subversive. It seemed like director Leone Marucci had a couple different ideas, meshed together and see if it would work, it didn't. Every plotline in this movie does not lead anywhere, then for Marucci to throw in a big point at the end isn't provocative. It's a lazy attempt to win back his audience, and it failed.

Despite the star-power, I would steer clear of "The Power of Few." Because in this movie, the few don't have the power to make anything in this movie matter.



  1. I disagree with you on pretty much every point. I thought it was pretty clear why the gangsters are out to kill Jesse Bradford. They tell "Few" in the car exactly why they are out for blood.

    Not sure how you could call this predictable. I thought this was a completely refreshing film from the usual drab repeated storylines in nearly every film Hollywood puts out.

    This was original, witty, clever and the music is sick.

    Your hostile review seems to say more about your inability to process something unique than it does about the film.

  2. It's predictable because, seemingly unlike you, I have seen a wide variety of movies in my lifetime. It is almost funny that you thought "The Power of Few" was refreshing, then say Hollywood puts out repeated plotlines. The only thing I could think about during "The Power of Few," is how incredibly close it is in terms of "Lucky Number Slevin," "Smoking Aces," and even "The Usual Suspects" to a degree.

    If writing a couple stories that intersect, then cut them out and re-arrange them in a way that aims for surprising is somehow "unique" and "refreshing," then you sincerely just need to watch more movies. At least, "The Usual Suspects" earned its twist. "The Power of Few," is just an example of cut and paste.

    I explained why I didn't like this movie and my review is hostile because I didn't like it, and I expected much more from the talent involved. I was able to process the movie just fine, and I think I made that clear in my review. Just because there is nothing in this movie worth processing doesn't mean I have an inability to do it.

    I'm sorry that my "hostile" review upset you, but if you get this up-in-arms because some blogger hated a movie you didn't, you probably shouldn't read them.