Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Hammer of Thor swings again in the latest trailer for "Thor: The Dark World!"

Thor: The Dark World Second Trailer!

I have such high hopes for "Thor: The Dark World." I want it to actually kick-start Marvel Phase Two, as "Iron Man 3" did not do that. I can't wait to see Asgardian universe expanded much more in this sequel. Telling from this new trailer, it looks like Hemsworth is really coming into his own as the God of Thunder and he looks awfully comfortable, which is good!

I think we will get a really good sequel, I am just hoping I am not wrong!

Rene Russo kicking some butt? Yeah, that was cool.

Gag moment at the end? Classic!

I hope this series doesn't overuse Loki. One thing that always numbed my mind about the "X-Men" franchise is that they used Magneto a little too much. The X-Men universe is full of rich villains, we have barely scratched the surface of their being. One thing I loved about this years "Man of Steel" was that Lex Luthor wasn't in it at all. He took a break and it was much needed. Loki is a great character and a obviously he's a fan favorite. But I just don't want him to become a cliche, there are other great stories and villains to explore with Thor.

Overall, I feel like this sequel has the potential to rock. 

The God of Thunder makes his return on November 8th, 2013.

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