Friday, August 9, 2013

Just when you were sick of Expendables 3 News...

Even more Expendables 3 News

I hope all of you aren't getting sick of all of this Expendables 3 news. Because here is some more, said a couple things regarding the threequel today.

The rumors that Mel Gibson will be the film's villain is no longer a rumor...Gibson will 100% be the villain in this third film. To me, that is AWESOME News. Say whatever about his personal life, when the guy is onscreen, he delivers. It's that plain and simple. 

Another actor who hasn't been linked to the franchise was 100% confirmed today. And let me tell you, it is a doozy!
That's right Antonio Banderas has officially joined Expendables 3!!

Now, for those of you who maybe puzzled, only knowing Banderas from Puss In Boots. Let me tell you, the guy has range and that range has its perimeters in the action genre. One of my favorite action films of all time is 1995's "Desperado" where Banderas carried a guitar case full of machine guns and pumped drug dealers full of lead! Banderas and Stallone also starred in "Assassins" together sometime in the 1990's. Banderas has also done a number of other action films and he will be quite comfortable with these other guys.

So lets do a headcount...

-The original cast (Slyvester Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture and Terry Crews) check.

-Mickey Rourke. Check.

-Harrison Ford. Check.

-Mel Gibson. Check.

-Jackie Chan. Yep, looks like it so far. Check.

-Steven Seagal? I think so...although it isn't confirmed.

-Antonio Banderas! Check.

Looks like a stellar cast to me.

I cannot confirm that Milla Jovovich, Kellan Lutz, Wesley Snipes or Arnold Schwarzenegger are involved at this time. Sorry, I just can't find any credible sources. But I know they have been considered.

Sadly, Bruce Willis and Chuck Norris will NOT be returning. Nicolas Cage, who also got an offer is officially off the project too! But I have no doubts that this will be another epic chapter in this nostalgic series.


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