Monday, August 26, 2013

Coffee Town Review

Coffee Town Review
I don't know how many of you have ever gone to Starbucks, or a place like it, to study or get work done. I sure have, and many people have too. Coffee shops are nice places to get busy work done, and how those shops grew into workplaces is beyond me. I don't often argue against nature, and I don't plan to tonight.

Glenn Howerton (famous for "Always Sunny in Philadelphia") plays Will, a guy who works for a website, and takes much pride in his office being the local coffee shop. He is the main character of "Coffee Town," a new comedy about Will and his adventures at the coffee shop. He talks to his friends, tries to pick up girls and most of all, tries to save his local coffee shop by being turned into a bar. 

"Coffee Town" is refreshingly original, completely unlike most comedies being churned out recently. Its got a story unlike anything we've seen and it is handled in a unique way. Right as the film started I was engaged by the film's style. The film is brought to life by a great cast. You fans of "Always Sunny" maybe surprised that Glenn Howerton can actually carry an entire movie, and that he actually has range. Will is completely unlike Dennis from that show, and I like that. Too many times actors get caught in compelling type-cast, I don't see that ever happening to Howerton. If you love TV's "Eastbound and Down," Steve Little shows up as Chad, one of Will's best friends and he nearly steals the show. I have never seen anything with Ben Schwartz before, he plays Gino, Will's cop friend. Schwartz is funny and awesome in this, he's definitely an actor I will look out for in the future. Adrianne Palicki is Becca, a regular at the coffee shop who Will has a crush on. Palicki gives a one-dimensional real life, and makes all her material count.

Another thing that makes "Coffee Town" great is simple, I laughed. I laughed quite a bit actually. The film features a wicked blend of offbeat and slapstick humor, a fan of any sub-genre will leave this movie satisfied. Steve Little is basically channeling Stevie from "Eastbound and Down," but it is put to extraordinary effect. The added humor to the film's already unique style gives an experience worth having. It all creates a movie you are going to want to watch a lot.

I always love it when I watch a movie I knew very little about, and I end up loving it from start to finish. If you like comedy in general, check this out. You'll be glad you did.


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